Gang of Mexican hit men loose in the US

Border Security Tight After Reports on Mexican Hit Men in U.S.
08-26-08 at 7:45AM

Local police and federal agents along the U.S.-Mexico border are tightening security after learning about a new threat from Mexican drug cartels.

Recent intelligence reports suggest the cartels have approved sending hit men into the U.S. to kill their enemies.

So far this year, thousands of people have been killed in violence related to Mexico’s drug cartel.


Shooting on the US Mexican border sparks international Incident


Mexico Calls For Investigation Into Border Shooting

A Mexican diplomat is calling for an investigation into the shooting of a Mexican citizen by a Border Patrol agent.

That agent opened fire Tuesday night, after a group of men began throwing rocks at them. The agents used gas and pepper spray, but it didn’t stop the attacks. So, one agent fired his gun across the border and that has the Mexican government angry.

The diplomat says the incident “threatens bilateral cooperation.”

The Border Patrol has not responded to the comments.

Hartford CT new illegal immigrant Haven ?

From Lou Dobbs

Illegal Immigrants cross border call 9-1-1 to get medical attention

Using the system

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Companies must give shelter to illegals

Crazy laws

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Lou Dobbs report on Mexican incursions into US

Pancho Via 2

Self deportation for Illegals


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