Wisconsin Supreme Court will not review voter I.D. case

This moves the process forward. Only a U.S. Supreme Court ruling can over turn this now.

From WKOW:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has refused to take up of appeals of rulings blocking a new state law requiring voters to present photo identification at the polls.

The court did not explain why it was not taking up either appeal (League of Women Voters and NAACP) in separate orders issued Monday.

Four of the seven justices had to agree to take the cases for the high court to hear them.

Two separate state appeals courts last month had asked the court to take up the appeals and consolidate the cases in order to speed resolution.

The photo ID requirement was blocked by two separate Dane County circuit court judges last month. A trial in one of those cases began Monday


Barney Frank “We are gonna need a bigger Bailout”

No word yet on a reach around from Frank



Frank Is ‘Open’ to Increasing U.S. Bailout’s Size (Update1)

Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) — House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank said he would consider expanding the $700 billion financial-rescue fund, and expects the Obama administration will soon address banks’ toxic assets.

“I am open to that if they can demonstrate the need for it,” Frank told reporters in Washington today when asked if he’d approve a request to enlarge the Troubled Asset Relief Program. “I do think they will be addressing fairly soon the question of what you do about the bad assets” on banks’ balance sheets, he said.

Frank’s remarks indicate a growing recognition among lawmakers that President Barack Obama’s economy team will need more than the $350 billion of TARP that has yet to be committed. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said last week he “would not be surprised” at a request for an increase.

Frank said he expects to begin working with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner “immediately” on rules to stabilize the banking system, including a plan to buy soured mortgages.

Congress this month released the remaining $350 billion of TARP funds to the Obama administration. Frank and other congressional leaders have faulted former President George W. Bush and his Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson for not using the initial $350 billion released in October to stem foreclosures and spur lending.

Frank said he’d consider releasing more funds if the Obama administration showed “that there is a problem, that what they’re doing is helping alleviate the problem and that they’re doing it in a way that is supportable.”

Administration officials and banking regulators are considering ideas including setting up a “bad bank” to remove the toxic assets curbing banks’ ability to make new loans. Geithner, who was sworn in yesterday as Treasury secretary, last week pledged “much more substantial action” on a “very dramatic scale” to repair the financial system.

Leader of UN General Assembly and Sandinista leader invites Obama to UN



Obama invited to address United Nations

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The U.N. General Assembly president, a former minister in a left-wing Nicaraguan government, has congratulated Barack Obama on being elected U.S. president and invited him to address the assembly.

Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann sent Obama a letter this week suggesting that he address the other 191 U.N. member states “at his convenience after assuming his new functions,” assembly spokesman Enrique Yeves told reporters on Friday.

Obama, a Democrat, takes office on Jan. 20 following his Nov. 4 election victory over Republican John McCain.

The U.S. president always addresses the General Assembly at its annual general debate in September, but is not limited to then. Outgoing President George W. Bush spoke on Thursday at an assembly debate on dialogue between different religions.

A U.N. official said he could not immediately recall a case of a General Assembly president sending a similar letter to a newly elected leader and suggested D’Escoto wanted to show readiness to work with the new U.S. administration despite his anti-American reputation.

The invitation comes after years of strained ties between the United Nations and the Bush administration, partly centering over the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, which former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said was illegal.

D’Escoto was foreign minister in Nicaragua’s Sandinista government in the 1980s, when it was battling a U.S.-backed Contra insurgency. In a 2004 interview he described former U.S. President Ronald Reagan as “the butcher of my people” and said Bush was Reagan’s spiritual heir.

сверлить младенца сверлить (Drill Baby Drill)

No not our illustrious House Speaker. The Russians are set to take advantage of Pelosi’s folly



Russia plots course in race for the Arctic

Russia’s Security Council is set to meet to work out the country’s strategy in the Arctic. The region contains an estimated 25 per cent of the world’s remaining oil and gas. Russia is among those keen to claim it.

According to the United Nations’ Law of Sea, any state with an Arctic coastline that wishes to stake a claim to the region must lodge its submission with the UN’s Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf.

And that is exactly what Russia intends to do.

Geologists estimate there are around 10 billion tonnes of fuel equivalent in the Arctic seabed – the same as Russia’s total oil reserve.

The country’s specialists want to prove that the Lomonosov ridge, a vast underwater mountain range that runs underneath the Arctic, is an extension of the Siberian continental shelf.

Should they succeed – it would be the icing on the Arctic cake. But whether Russia’s claim cuts any ice with the UN is anybody’s guess – as the other contenders will certainly not give up without a fight.

“The challenge for Russia is that its Arctic neighbours have long started to formulate their own Arctic strategy, while Russia needs a great deal of inter-ministry and inter-departmental coordination in order to come up with a solid strategy in terms of diplomacy, geology and economy. It’s for that reason that the Security Council wants to set up some very specific goals and then an action plan,” political analyst Mikhail Troitsky said.

Successful expedition

In August 2007, Russia’s Arktika expedition scored a spectacular success. It achieved the first crewed descent to the North Pole’s ocean floor, bringing fame and recognition to the crew.

But it also began a 5-way tug of war.

Russia, Canada, the USA, Norway and Denmark are now fighting for the right to claim the ocean bed as their own.

And while the subject matter may be ice cold – the debates are heating up.

“Canada’s government understands the first rule of Arctic sovereignty: use it or loose it,” Canada’s PM Stephen Harper has said.

John Kerry facing election tonight whips out the DailyKos view

Good Greif Kerry you lost in 2004 LET IT GO


Kerry Race Headlines Primary Day

BOSTON (WBZ) ― Four years after losing his party’s bid to unseat President Bush, John Kerry is asking Democratic voters to back him for another term in the Senate.

Kerry faces his first Democratic challenger in 24 years in Tuesday’s primary election in Massachusetts. The winner of the race with Gloucester attorney Ed O’Reilly will square off in November against Republican Jeff Beatty, a former CIA official.

U.S. Rep. John Olver of Amherst is challenged in the Democratic primary by Stockbridge attorney Robert Feuer. 
Secretary of State William Galvin says he expects voter turnout to be low, because there is only one statewide race.

Polls are open until 8 p.m.

Obama on gun control in 2004

Maplight. Shining a light on Congress’ Cockroaches

While websurfing found this article. Make sure to go to Maplight below. They show who backed what bills and who gave the Senator or Congressperson money for their campaigns.


The turmoil on Wall Street is fueling political attacks, but so far it’s done nothing to help consumers with credit problems. A bill that could help has stalled in Congress and ABC7 takes at look at a local organization that is tracking that bill and the money behind it.


The bill is the Credit Card Holder’s Bill of Rights. It would prevent credit card companies from doing things like jacking up interest rates retroactively. Maplight.org is a non-profit organization that tracks congressional legislation. They also track political contributions.

In a converted two-bedroom apartment in Berkeley, Maplight.org is following the money.

Some of the interesting finds


Barack Obama

Attorneys & law firms $21,111,908
Retired $15,837,737
General commerce $8,865,265
Schools & colleges $6,900,164
Security brokers & investment companies $5,063,939
Business services $3,033,992
Civil servant/public employee $2,881,575
Democratic/Liberal $2,742,809
Book, newspaper & periodical publishing $2,595,116
Real estate $2,409,952

Nancy Pelosi



Attorneys & law firms $224,150
Pro-Israel $146,490
Retired $125,100
Building trades unions $125,000
Lobbyists & Public Relations $111,650
Life insurance $104,250
Commercial banks & bank holding companies $82,100
Real Estate developers & subdividers $75,700
Security brokers & investment companies $75,150
Mortgage bankers and brokers $60,600

John Murtha

Defense electronic contractors $401,200
Lobbyists & Public Relations $255,650
Attorneys & law firms $194,990
Hospitals $167,350
Defense aerospace contractors $124,400
Data processing & computer services $123,150
Computer software $114,300
Defense-related services $98,250
Retired $94,250