3 year old begs for help after carjacker steals his father’s car

This story is from News 21:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A 3-year-old is back with his parents after he knocked on a stranger’s door in the middle of the night following the hijacking of his father’s car at a convenience store with him in the back seat.
“Help me, I’m cold,” the toddler told Traci Gilbert, who answered the door.
She said heard her doorbell ring about 2:15 a.m. Sunday and got up to check. Gilbert looked through the peephole and didn’t see anyone, so she opened her door. Outside, she found the 3-year-old covered in snow and sleet.
“He wasn’t crying. He never shed a single tear the whole time,” Gilbert said, puzzled how the toddler made it up 14 slick steps to her front door, carrying a plastic bag that held a container of soy milk, a Sippy cup, two diapers, wipes and pajama bottoms.
The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that his father, Anthony Pettiford, told police he left his car running at a convenience store when it was stolen with the child inside.
“I’m sure the guy didn’t mean to take the kid, but no matter, he put a 3-year-old in the snow,” she said. “He completely abandoned him in the snow.”


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Man charged with killing two young girls while fleeing police set to get state mandated early release

From WHAS TV Louisville


WHAS11) – The Louisville man charged with hitting and killing two little girls while he was fleeing police this summer has already gotten a break from Kentucky’s prison system according to some.

WHAS11 News has learned that Kenielle Finch’s first prison sentence was cut short, by the state’s new, controversial early release policy. 

Finch’s case may now be exhibit A in the attorney general’s lawsuit, challenging that policy.

First, let’s make clear that Kenielle Finch is still behind bars, awaiting trial for the July murders of two little girls he struck while they were crossing the street near the University of Louisville.

Finch was a parole violator with a long list of criminal charges when police finally caught him after that hit and run.  Little did Finch know what a break he was about to get from the state prison system.   Commonwealth’s attorney David Stengel is outraged and says you should be too.