44% of Democrats want Bush tried as War Criminal.

Just a reminder to Democrats the can of worms they would be opening. From 1998 a poster that Europeans were passing around after the NATO attack on Serbia



Rassmussen Reports

44% of Democrats Say Bush Team Guilty of War Crimes
Forty-four percent (44%) of Democratic voters believe President Bush and senior members of his administration are guilty of war crimes. Only 28% of the nation’s Democrats disagree.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that Republicans and unaffiliated voters have a different view. Just 21% of unaffiliateds say that Bush and his team are guilty of war crimes, a view shared by four percent (4%) of Republicans.

Overall, among all voters, 25% believe war crimes were committed while 54% disagree.

Seventy percent (70%) of the nation’s voters say it would be bad for the United States if the former president and senior administration officials were brought to trial for war crimes. A majority of Democrats (53%) agree with that assessment.

Nineteen percent (19%) of all voters hold the opposite view and believe that bringing Bush Administration officials to trial for war crimes would be good for the nation.

9 Responses

  1. Who even listend to a Dam O Crat? Just look at what they elected and you can see they are idiots.

  2. Did anyone else hear the Fifth trumpet of God Almighty sound ?
    Did anyone else hear the Fifth trumpet of God Almighty sound when oil wells were lit ablaze during “Operation Desert Storm”?
    During the Gulf War when all the oil wells were lit ablaze I was attacked by a demon on three separate occasions all at night. This is what happened. While I slept this demon would fly through the window and attack me. The spirit inside me fought this demon briefly until I awoke. Then it made me take over. This demon was horrid and spun circles around me thrashing through my soul with his hands then left as fast as it came. The demon radiated with the pains associated with the abyss. He was like a coal pulled from the fire, with the pains of the abyss Rev 9, 3. This happened on three occasions as I have stated. The third time however was different from the rest. As before the demon attacked me but this time I had enough since to command it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. What happened next is even more amazing. After commanding this demon to leave in the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit delivered me outside my room into the hallway. The demon followed. It stood to my left and grabbing my hand with his, it placed its tail on top of my left hand. It sent waves of fire through my soul Rev 9, 10. The pain was so sever that I couldn’t scream. Unconditionally, I looked straight up and said “father please help me”. The demon then left.

    This all happened after being seduced into trying transcendental meditation and falling into spiritual bondage to witchcraft / demonic forces Rev 13,10. Or the spiritual bondage may have occurred after playing a Ouija board as a young boy. I’m not quite sure. What I am sure is that prior to being attacked by this demon I was forced to go through the N.W.O’s. “secret” ceremony of transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft / demonic forces. Why I say demonic forces is that I believe all witchcraft to be the powers of demons / the Devil. I was forced with witchcraft, through methods of torture, to go through said ceremony. The methods of witchcraft included mind control, heart palpitations, witchcraft dreams causing sleep depravation and many other forms. In said ceremony I was instructed to except the worship of one of their many “demonic gods”. They informed me that in excepting one of there gods I accepted them all. What better way to join all religions of the world together under one banner of 666.

    This is the method Satan’s secret society uses to distribute the “spiritual mark of the beast” and cause spiritual captivity Rev 13, 10. Have you received your spiritual mark yet? This may sound hard to believe for those who don’t know what I’m talking about but it is a true story. Hear are a few scriptures giving in sight. If anyone is to go into captivity into captivity they will go Rev.13, 10. This is a spiritual captivity to witchcraft / demonic forces. Who enslaved nations by her witchcraft Naham 3, 4. By your magic spell all nations were led astray Rev 18, 23.
    There is a way out, but it is difficult. Those who overcame overcame by the blood of the lamb and the “word” of their testimony. They didn’t love their own lives so much as to shrink from death Rev.12, 11. By their fear of death they are held in, spiritual captivity Heb. 2, 15. Satan’s secret society has many names a few are the Mafia / Illuminate Masons 666! Have they been using drug dealers to terrorize your neighbor hood? Christians are their many “Free” Masons and Shriner’s in your Christian church? I’m sure they are in all walks of life and the cancer is spreading through out society.

    I no, I post this all the time! Here is the rest of the story. Three to four nights later the demon returned in the early am like 3am. He wasn’t alone Satan/Apollyon and his twin brother was with him. They hovered in the air above the ground, before the olive tree in the back yard. I could see them as the spirit in me manifested them to me! Satan hovered in the middle while the demons were on either side of him. The demon on his left had been thrown into the lake of fire for what he did to me. He radiated like a coal pulled from the fire what seemed to be 15’x15′. He was lit up like a Christmas tree! Graciously yours baptized by fire the witness! Who will believe this testimony? God will be my witness!

  3. Hey stung! Snap out of it! Take your meds.

    • Have any Christians lost their Jobs for being out spoken about Satan’s Secret Society / NWO?
      Are any Christians being terrorized by Satan’s secret society / N.W.O. with its many branches? Have members of the “Free” Masons worked together as a united brotherhood of evil to get you fired from work?

      Have you & your family members been threatened if you wont join, except one of there demonic “God’s”, live in complete silence and obedience, and go through the secret ceremony performed through Transcendental Meditation? Did this secret society use witchcraft to torture you until you would comply? Satan’s Secret Society has placed occult paraphernalia into society in the form of games and or practices to place people into spiritual bondage / captivity to witchcraft / demonic forces Revelation 13, 10.

      Have they threatened your employment by false accusations and the establishment of N.W.O. members in management positions? Has the Illuminated masons 33 degree and above / Illuminati, eternally dammed, used drug dealers and gang members to terrorize your neighbor hood in their pyramid system of government? When law enforcement is notified do they perform there duty’s of service as servants of the people, or do they shine you off with rude comments acknowledging there affiliation with the “Free” Masons and involvement in the brotherhood / N.W.O.?

      Has this “brotherhood of evil” / N.W.O. / Satan’s Secret Society spread like malignant cancer throughout society to the extent that it is going to take a act of God to surgically remove it?

      Why is it that the N.W.O. doesn’t want the “HORN SIGN” being used to acknowledge there allegiance to Satan & his Secret society any more? Is it because shhhhh it’s a secret? The media has surly made an effort to try and eliminate it. Did G.W.B. and his marry band of “GOOD OLD BOYS” / Satan’s Secret Society / skull and cross bones men / “Free” Masons / Golden Dawn / Rosicrucian’s / Wicca’s / New Age inform the N.W.O. to shut its pie hole so they can enforce Satan’s rule in complete secrecy? What do you think? Is this how Adolph Hitler and his German army with the SS eliminated millions secretly in concentration camps?

      Have you run into the Nazis within the order & there SS? The cancer is here!!! Did you receive the spiritual mark (666) on your forehead or right hand? Did the Devil stamp your soul and give you your one way ticket to “HORROR & PAIN” for eternity?

  4. Is Revelations 13, 10 referring to Satan’s Secret society and spiritual captivity to Witchcraft?
    Has the N.W.O. / Nazis Within the Order with its many branches, such as the “Free” Masons / Shriner’s / Mafia / New Age Movement just to name a few, distributed occult paraphernalia into society to cause spiritual bondage / captivity to witchcraft? Is this how the N.W.O. places people into spiritually captivity Rev 13, 10? Are Games such as Ouija boards, tarot cards, even the “8” ball with its pyramid in the middle, forms of (divination)? Could role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons be another method used to take people into captivity? Is magic art a method to lead victims into spiritual bondage, (which is the precursor to Transcendental Meditation, the secret ceremony used for distributing the “Spiritual Mark of the Beast”)? Has Harry Potter witchcraft books been distributed into society to lure people away from God and take them spiritually captive to witchcraft? Deuteronomy 18, 9 strictly forbids these practices.
    Is it by spiritual captivity caused from these “games” / practices that people / victims are forced with witchcraft to go through the “secret ceremony” performed with transcendental meditation? In said transcendental meditation state, the victims are forced to except the worship of one of “Satan’s Secret Society’s” many “Gods”. They say that in accepting the worship of one you accept “all” there “Gods”. These are no Gods at all but demonic entities, one including the Devil! Is this the powerful delusion spoken of in the Bible 2 Thessalonians 11, and the method for enslaving society through means of witchcraft / demonic powers? Here are a few verses giving insight. “Those who go into captivity into captivity they will go” Rev 13, 10. “Who enslaved nations by her witchcraft” Nahum 3, 4. “By your magic spell all nations were led astray” Rev 18, 23.
    There is a way out!!! “Those who overcame, overcame by the blood of the lamb and the “WORD” of their testimony, they didn’t love there own life’s so much as to shrink from death”. “This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints” Rev 12, 11. Witchcraft / the powers of the Devil are real Job 2, 7. Are you aware that “the martyrs for Christ who don’t receive, what I believe to be, the “spiritual mark of the Beast” will come to life and reign with Christ for 1000 years during the millennium” Rev.20, 4? Would you trade a short life on earth for a 1000 year reign with Jesus Christ, and then so much more? Amen Brothers and sisters!!! You no who you are!
    Also, are you aware that this society has been in the process of being set up for a long time under the totalitarian / evil rule of the Devil! Look up George Washington / Free Masons and the location of the Whitehouse and associated government buildings. This is just one of many examples. NWO / “Free” Mason symbolism has been distributed across the land. Satan and his followers are quite boastful. The Devil has been preparing for the coming tribulation for quite some time, when God will give him authority along with the Beast for 42 months of living HELL! And we thought Hitler was bad!

  5. Does anyone know why the NWO w/ its many branches try’s to force people to worship Satan?
    Or why they use drug dealers as there SS to terrorize Christians and force people to worship devil? Or why they have placed people into the Christian church to stop the truth from being known about how they are distributing the spiritual mark of the beast? Or how this underworld satanic organization has distributed occult paraphernalia into society in the form of games and or practices to enslave society through spiritual bondage to witchcraft? Or how through said witchcraft victims are forced / tortured to go through a secret ceremony performed through transcendental meditation, where victims are forced to except the worship of one of the NWO’s many “Gods”?
    They say that in accepting one of there demons you accept them all. One is called the devil, another they even named Jesus, but they have a demon for every occasion. What better way is there to join all religions of the world together under one banner of 666?
    Did you receive your keys to damnation (Horn sign)? Did you get your one way ticket (spiritual stamp 666) to the horrors and pains of damnation? They are passing them out for free. In fact, they insist that you receive it. Otherwise, they will terrorize and torture you. The NWO has learned how to place people into spiritual bondage to witchcraft Revelation 13, 10. They will threaten you and your family. They will work together as a secret organization to get you fired from your job. If they can get away with it, they will use there members in the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government secretively to persecute and control you. They are not above the LAW, they are a law all too them selves. They even try and control the media and limit freedom of speech. They are the cancer spreading through out society and the abomination / Old World Order!!! Graciously yours baptized by fire / the witness!!!

  6. Has anyone had a experience like this?
    Close to the time frame of the gulf war in 1991 I was paid a visit by an unexpected visitor. This is what happened. As I lay sleeping in my bedroom I was paid a visit in the middle of the night by the Devil. My bed was situated that when I slept my head was next to the exterior wall of my bedroom. While I slept in the middle of the night the devil came and placed a vision in my mind. This is what happened. The vision was that of a woman and a man by a tree. They were both clothed and it was nothing that would make me believe it was Adam and eve. The vision was powerful and made me start to wake. As I started to wake the spirit in me manifested the devil to me. I saw him through the spirits eyes. He hovered of the ground had no wings or horns that I saw. He was held in check by gravity even though he flew or hovered I should say. He was slender with the body of a man but the head of a fallen Angel. He radiated with his true colors of evil, meaning, I could feel the evil in him. As for the vision, when I started to wake he knew it and said, speaking through his mind to me, I have been here since the beginning of time, I no who you are calling me by my birth name. When he said this it was as if he was trying to harm me. At that very moment an Angel of the Lord struck the devil in the side with an angelic dart. The Devil leaped as if struck by a lightning bolt. He turned and looked straight at the Angel who struck him. The Angel was posted in the front of our home. He was located just above the place I had been singing and playing my guitar a few nights before. I would often sing to the Lord. Maybe he liked my music! After the devil turned and looked at the Angel terror was on his face. He looked straight at the Angel. I never saw the Angel. The Devil took of like a lightning bolt north east! I’ve never herd of angelic darts before.. I wish I could have had that on video tape!!!

  7. Has anyone ever been baptized by fire? I mean Biblically speaking Old Testament style baptism by fire? I will try to explain one of my encounters through my baptism. Prior to the Gulf war, in 1991.As I slept, I was paid a visit in the middle of the night by an Angel of the lord Jesus Christ. This is what happened. As I lay in my bed, I was awakened in the middle of the night by an Angel of the Lord. The Angel hovered above the roof over the room of the home were I lived. He spoke to me out of the sound of a trumpet. The sound was the tone of a middle C played on a piano, but was that of a trumpet. Out of this sound from the trumpet, I understood what the Angel said. He said “Jesus Christ is God and he came to the earth in the flesh, fast”. I understood in English but there were no audible words. That was all the Angel said, and I haven’t heard from it again.
    Shortly after this encounter is when my baptism by fire began. My baptism consisted of many trials and encounter. But, what I wish to discuss was the soul of a man who came in the middle of the night. He came to deliver a message with many meanings. This is what happened that night
    As I was sleeping in my bedroom I was awaken in the middle of the night by the presence of a soul of a man standing at the foot of my bed. He was evil and what I was about to encounter was beyond believable. This was my reaction. There was no thought involved. I leaped from my bed in a bound, landing on my feet before him. In what must have been a split second, I threw a right punch landing to the left of his nose. I swung so hard my feet lifted of the ground as I lunged at him. My fist past straight threw his head. I quickly gasp for air and leaped back in horror at his presence. The blow had no affect, and he had no reaction. He had come for a reason, and I was about to find out why.
    He was horrid, and I wreathed in anguish from the pains of his presence. This is why! This man / soul radiated from the pains associated with Hell. He was like a coal pulled from the fire with the pains associated with Hell. His soul was yellow in color from sulfur. He had also reaped what he sewed while living in the body. By this I mean, the pains he had caused those who lived on earth with him had been reaped / gathered by Angels, and spiritually sewn into his soul. He had been judged! He now lives for eternity with those pains he had caused others! Whatever this man had done, it must have been terrible. It seemed to me the most horrid, awful pain, a soul could ever encounter. I truly believe a man could have died from this experience!
    As I stepped back to get away from him I screamed ”Oh my God”! It was as if he unveiled his pain by opening his soul to me. I had been having experiences with the dead and witchcraft prior to this. I slept with a golden colored crucifix of Christ tied around my neck with a shoe lace. As I stood in horror and anguish from his presence he turned to leave walking toward the olive tree located in the back yard. He took a few steps away, turned back, and looking at me, he said speaking through his mind, “stop preaching to people”. Although he spoke through his mind to me, I screamed at him “my father told me to love him and my neighbor and that is what I will do”. He began to walk toward me, when I lifted my cross pointing it at him. I demanded, saying “as Jesus Christ is my lord and savior I command you to leave.” He turned and walked out of the room towards the olive tree. When he left the room he was gone.

    This was one of my encounters with the dammed through my baptism. Through my experiences I’ve learned the meaning of Jesus parable about the weeds being gathered and placed into bundles. The bundles are Hell, Hades, Death, and possibly more. The lake of fire is the final judgment. And, the lesson learned is that no man ever wants anything to do with damnation / Horror and pain!!!

  8. myron fagan 2,5 hour speach exposing the Illuminati. Wake up America!

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