Ohio Secretary of State to order audit of 5% of votes in Ohio. 27,000 ballots declared “bad” in one district. Vote fraud to be prosecuted

The election war continues. Keep an eye on Ohio



WCPO Cincinnatti

COLUMBUS, Ohio  – Ohio’s elections chief has launched a statewide audit of election results similar to a review she ordered after the March primary.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner says the audit will help the state’s election boards solidify public confidence after a successful election process Nov. 4.

The audit will involve making sure the number of votes cast matched the number of voters who showed up at the polls.

The audit will also check the tabulations made by touch-screen machines to make sure they matched the recordings made by a paper trail.

Brunner is reducing the audit to 5 percent of votes cast for president, down from 7 percent in the pilot audit conducted by 11 counties in March.


More than 27,000 provisional ballots needed to call the closest congressional race in the country, will wait for either a court ruling Saturday or a tiebreaker Tuesday from Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.

Brunner will cast the tie-breaking vote unless the court intervenes.

In other business, the elections board voted unanimously to send 13 cases of apparent voter fraud to O’Brien for prosecution. Those voters cast ballots in two counties, lacked residency in Ohio, weren’t U.S. citizens, or listed a post-office box for multiple questionable registrations.

Leader of UN General Assembly and Sandinista leader invites Obama to UN



Obama invited to address United Nations

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The U.N. General Assembly president, a former minister in a left-wing Nicaraguan government, has congratulated Barack Obama on being elected U.S. president and invited him to address the assembly.

Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann sent Obama a letter this week suggesting that he address the other 191 U.N. member states “at his convenience after assuming his new functions,” assembly spokesman Enrique Yeves told reporters on Friday.

Obama, a Democrat, takes office on Jan. 20 following his Nov. 4 election victory over Republican John McCain.

The U.S. president always addresses the General Assembly at its annual general debate in September, but is not limited to then. Outgoing President George W. Bush spoke on Thursday at an assembly debate on dialogue between different religions.

A U.N. official said he could not immediately recall a case of a General Assembly president sending a similar letter to a newly elected leader and suggested D’Escoto wanted to show readiness to work with the new U.S. administration despite his anti-American reputation.

The invitation comes after years of strained ties between the United Nations and the Bush administration, partly centering over the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, which former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said was illegal.

D’Escoto was foreign minister in Nicaragua’s Sandinista government in the 1980s, when it was battling a U.S.-backed Contra insurgency. In a 2004 interview he described former U.S. President Ronald Reagan as “the butcher of my people” and said Bush was Reagan’s spiritual heir.

Laura Bush condemes Acid attack on Afgani girls

Islamics whip dancers for “Un islamic” dancing


IOL News

Rebels whip 32 dancers in Somalia

By Abdi Sheikh

Mogadishu – Islamist insurgents whipped 32 people in Somalia on Saturday after arresting them for taking part in a traditional dance in rebel-held territory south of the capital Mogadishu.

Fighters enforcing a strict form of sharia law have been slowly advancing on the city, raising the stakes in their two-year rebellion and undermining fragile UN-brokered peace talks to end 17 years of chaos in the Horn of Africa nation.

Last month, they stoned to death a young woman accused of adultery in the rebel-controlled southern port of Kismayu.

Islamist spokesman Sheikh Abdirahim Isse Adow said those arrested had been warned several times against dancing.

“We arrested 25 women and seven men who were dancing near Balad (town). We released them after whipping them. We warned them many times, but they wouldn’t listen,” he told Reuters.

“The dancing of men and women together is illegal and totally against Islam. We neither killed them nor injured them, but only whipped them according to the Islamic law,” Adow said.

Last month’s stoning to death of the woman in Kismayu was the first such public killing by the hardline militants for about two years and drew international condemnation.

Witnesses said the woman was 23, but the United Nations said later that the victim was a 13-year-old girl who had apparently been raped by three men while visiting her grandmother.

The Islamists last carried out public executions when they ruled Mogadishu and most of south Somalia for half of 2006. Allied Ethiopian and Somali government forces toppled them at the end of that year, but they have waged an Iraq-style guerrilla campaign since then, gradually taking back territory.

As when they controlled the capital in 2006, the Islamists are again providing much-needed security in many areas. But they are unpopular with many moderate Muslims in Somalia for also imposing fundamentalist practices such as banning various forms of entertainment denounced as anti-Islamic.

The turmoil in Somalia has fuelled instability across the Horn of Africa, fuelling one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters and triggering a wave of pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden, a vital shipping lane for trade between Europe and Asia. – Reuters

Man charged with killing two young girls while fleeing police set to get state mandated early release

From WHAS TV Louisville


WHAS11) – The Louisville man charged with hitting and killing two little girls while he was fleeing police this summer has already gotten a break from Kentucky’s prison system according to some.

WHAS11 News has learned that Kenielle Finch’s first prison sentence was cut short, by the state’s new, controversial early release policy. 

Finch’s case may now be exhibit A in the attorney general’s lawsuit, challenging that policy.

First, let’s make clear that Kenielle Finch is still behind bars, awaiting trial for the July murders of two little girls he struck while they were crossing the street near the University of Louisville.

Finch was a parole violator with a long list of criminal charges when police finally caught him after that hit and run.  Little did Finch know what a break he was about to get from the state prison system.   Commonwealth’s attorney David Stengel is outraged and says you should be too.

Qatari Newspaper. Communism and Capitalism are finish. Islam is the future


Qatar’s Largest English Newspaper

Islam to emerge as the new world order: Scholar
Web posted at: 11/15/2008 5:40:10
DOHA: Islam will function as a catalyst in shaping up the future world. It is going to be the ultimate answer to Communism and Capitalism, said prominent Indian Islamic Scholar T K Abdullah

Addressing a public meeting organised by Indian Islamic Association Qatar (IIAQ), Abdullah, a noted orator from the southern Indian State of Kerala said Islam will soon emerge as a major threat to Capitalism.

�Be it against Islam or in favour of it, Islam is the most widely debated issue in the contemporary world; and it is going to be the ultimate answer to the world�s problems. Islam will emerge as new world order blurring the boundaries of East and West�, he said. Quoting prominent Islamic scholars, Abdulla recalled how these visionaries had predicted the collapse of Communism decades before its fall in erstwhile Soviet Russia and East Europe. Now, it is Islam versus Capitalism. The foundation of capitalism has already been shaken. The whole system is struggling for its survival; and in the shaping up of new world order, Islam will certainly play a major role, he said.

T Arifali, Ameer, Jamaate Islami, Kerala wanted the authorities in India to expose the real hands behind the recent series blasts in country.

Khalid Fakhroo, Head of Media and Public Relations, Qatar Charity; Mitab Al Waleed, Director, Guest Center; V T Abdullakkoya, President, Indian Islamic Association, Abdurehman Al Sayed and Abdurehman Purakkadu were among others who spoke. The full-day convention witnessed a huge participation of over 3000 pre-registered delegates in the morning session.


Russia ready to threaten Obama to get missile defence removed

Obama’s first Foreign Policy challenge

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