Maplight. Shining a light on Congress’ Cockroaches

While websurfing found this article. Make sure to go to Maplight below. They show who backed what bills and who gave the Senator or Congressperson money for their campaigns.


The turmoil on Wall Street is fueling political attacks, but so far it’s done nothing to help consumers with credit problems. A bill that could help has stalled in Congress and ABC7 takes at look at a local organization that is tracking that bill and the money behind it.


The bill is the Credit Card Holder’s Bill of Rights. It would prevent credit card companies from doing things like jacking up interest rates retroactively. is a non-profit organization that tracks congressional legislation. They also track political contributions.

In a converted two-bedroom apartment in Berkeley, is following the money.

Some of the interesting finds


Barack Obama

Attorneys & law firms $21,111,908
Retired $15,837,737
General commerce $8,865,265
Schools & colleges $6,900,164
Security brokers & investment companies $5,063,939
Business services $3,033,992
Civil servant/public employee $2,881,575
Democratic/Liberal $2,742,809
Book, newspaper & periodical publishing $2,595,116
Real estate $2,409,952

Nancy Pelosi



Attorneys & law firms $224,150
Pro-Israel $146,490
Retired $125,100
Building trades unions $125,000
Lobbyists & Public Relations $111,650
Life insurance $104,250
Commercial banks & bank holding companies $82,100
Real Estate developers & subdividers $75,700
Security brokers & investment companies $75,150
Mortgage bankers and brokers $60,600

John Murtha

Defense electronic contractors $401,200
Lobbyists & Public Relations $255,650
Attorneys & law firms $194,990
Hospitals $167,350
Defense aerospace contractors $124,400
Data processing & computer services $123,150
Computer software $114,300
Defense-related services $98,250
Retired $94,250

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