Gold Star mom thanks Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin promises not to let her down

From Colorado rally. I love the women holding up their lipstick as Sarah speaks

POWER OF PALIN: Gold Star mom greets Palin at airport


Gold Star mother Melissa Warner hugged Gov. Sarah Palin and the Republican vice presidential running mate’s husband, Todd, just after they stepped onto the tarmac Monday at the Akron-Canton Airport.
“It’s an honor to meet you,” Warner told Palin.
“No, it’s an honor to meet you,” Palin said in reply, according to Warner. “Mrs. Warner I’m not going to let you down. God bless you.”
Palin, who spoke in Golden, Colo. earlier in the day, landed at 3:42 p.m. on an Embrear 190 plane that carried the candidate and a slew of reporters traveling with her. Palin, picked as Sen. John McCain’s running mate late last month, spoke at 5:30 p.m. at a private fundraiser at the Brookside Country Club, 1800 Canton Ave. N.W., Jackson Township.
Warner said she feels a personal connection with Palin, the self-described hockey mom who is in her first term as the state’s governor.
“We have three things in common,” said Warner, whose son, Pvt. Heath D. Warner, was killed during combat in Iraq in 2006. “We’re both military moms. She is a Blue Star mom, I’m a Gold Star mom. Both of our sons were deployed on 9/11.”
Pvt. Warner was killed by a road side bomb in Iraq on Nov. 22, 2006. He was 19. Palin’s son, Track, was deployed last week – on the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks – as a member of the Alaska National Guard.
Warner, who said she is anti-abortion, noted that she was a teen mother who could’ve chosen to give up her child, just as Palin could have given up her youngest son, Trig, who has Down syndrome.
Warner said she also relates to Palin’s daughter, Bristol, who is pregnant as a teenager.
“It just means something to me because she’s a real person,” Warner said of Palin. “That was the highlight of my life.”
Palin told Warner she had done research on her son and she signed a pin with his picture, Warner said.
Warner was not attending the private gathering, she said.
Wearing a black skirt and brown and black blazer, Palin was also greeted by Stark County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Matthews and Todd Snitchler, candidate for the Ohio 50th District Congressional seat, among others.
As her 90-passenger plane stopped on the tarmac, about a dozen local reporters and photographers watched from a riser. A caravan of SUV’s and cargo vans lined the runway to escort Palin, her advisers, and the traveling press corps. They were led by the Stark County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.
Palin, who has granted only one exclusive interview since being added to the ticket, was called upon by reporters on her own plane to answer questions.
“Gov. Palin, Gov. Palin,” reporters yelled to the candidate as she walked from the plane to her vehicle. “Do you have time for a question from the media?”
Palin looked toward the reporters and pointed to the Chevy Suburban and then got inside. She waved at local news media a second time before speeding off for her speaking engagement.


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