Sarah Palin revives Annie Oakley Movement

For those interested this is outdoorswoman site


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Redneck Woman


BOW is a non-profit, award winning program offered and supported by conservation organizations and state fish and wildlife agencies.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT – hands-on, outdoor workshops held in a safe, supportive atmosphere with patient, enthusiastic instructors.  No experience or special equipment necessary.  BOW is for adult women of all ages and fitness levels.
Participants register for 1 choice per time period.  In each session there are activities that focus on each of the 3 areas to choose from:  general outdoors activities and/or informational courses about our natural resources, fishing and/or boating, shooting sports and/or hunting.



FUN – evening activities are filled with fun and camaraderie.  Participants can enjoy the resort and down time or join in evening activities such as story-telling, campfire activities, fish and game tasting opportunities, or BOW Olympics.  The emphasis in on the enjoyment that goes with the social side of outdoor activities!



37 Responses

  1. I’m PROUD AND PLEASED Mrs. Palin was chosen and accepted the nomination to be OUR VP.She’s more like the common person in AMERICA than any politician I have seen since THE GREAT 1 RONALD REAGAN.WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE HER TO HELP LEAD THIS GREAT COUNTRY BACK INTO BEING WHAT IT ONCE WAS.LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE.
    obama is DEFINATELY NOT THE PERSON TO BE PRESIDENT OR LEAD THIS COUNTRY.I think the reason why he won’t place his hand on his heart is he doesn’t have 1.

  2. God , is our country is trouble. Palin lives in a state with less of a population than the city of San Diego, CA.
    The major has to deal with being on the Mexican border daily. The major of San Diego, CA has more international experience than Palin. It is time for America to wake up. We do not need another 4 years of Bush/Cheney, in fact it would be worse

  3. I’m sorry, could someone explain to me how much of the now much touted International Experience John “Silky Pony” Edwards had when he was running 4 years ago?

    His entire political career was a 1-term senator. Yet, when interviewed, he was asked questions like “Does it make you mad when the Republicans criticize you?”

  4. gov’r Palin ‘first dude’ is the only blue collar spouse running this year will be hard for the donks to play the class war card if one of the gop spouse is a member of the steel workers union.

    you go girl

  5. crow – it’s mayor, not major. Now get back on across the border where you belong.

  6. maybe someone could explain how a freshman senator from Illinois has any ‘world’ experience…I just don’t see it…and he’s the one running for president not a VP spot.

  7. crow, just exactly who _is_ the “major” of San Diego, and what the heck does a “major” do, exactly? I guess you forgot, or chose to ignore the fact that Sarah Palin didn’t just “live” in Alaska as you assert, but she is actually the Governor of that state. Typical liberal, spouting off at the mouth without knowing what the heck you are talking about. You’re right about one thing – America needs to wake up – to the fact that liberals are working overtime to destroy this country and if Obama/Biden win, with dems running congress, that’s exactly what will happen. Fortunately, according to the polls, that’s exactly what’s happening as Americans see the blind hatred and utter stupidity of the left.

  8. That’s simply awesome.

  9. What the hell’s wrong with eight more years of Bush?
    I am certainly more well off and secure than I was under Clinton.

  10. Hey crow, you do realize that Alaska’s population is almost as big as Delaware’s right? Delaware is where Biden calls home. So if your only qualification to be VP is a state with a large population, then I guess that would rule Biden out too, right?

    Think before you post

  11. The major has to deal with being on the Mexican border daily.

    Last time I checked, San Diego was run by a mayor, not a governor.

    And Alaska borders Russia.


  12. Funny how people talk down Sarah Palin’s qualification and yet few even recall how little experience John Edwards had in 2004. Even more so, compare to Sarah Palin, what has Barack Obama done when he was a community organizer in Chicago, how many real votes he has cast against the interest of his own party, and before his magic world tour in July, how many head of foreign countries have he met. We all knew he grew up in the mostly Islamic country – Indonesia, and he went to another Islamic country – Pakistan when he was in college. Does he know who is Gordon Brown, Nick Sarkosy and the rest before his campaign for the Presidency? Barack Obama has spent 20 months to compaign against a woman for the President of the United States and he is about to spend the next 2 months to prevent another woman to become the Vice President of the United States. I, like many others, would not stand against the tide of history, and folks like me are going to put the first woman into the spot of VP of this country.

  13. What would be the purpose of a Governor meeting with the head of a foreign government? It does not seem logical for a governor to be involved in the duties of the Department of State and the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

  14. Its striking that Sarah Palin, as VP candidate, has more more executive experience than the top of the Democrat ticket. How did less than one term as a lawmaker qualify Obama to be POTUS?

  15. […] thanks to William Amos for the heads up on this story. Posted in Campaign 2008, Chuck Norton, Palin Truth […]

  16. […] thanks to William Amos for the heads up on this story. Posted in Campaign 2008, Chuck Norton, Palin Truth […]

  17. I’m very pleased to see that more women are getting into the shooting sports because of Sarah. I hope she makes it to VP of the US, I know that she is the type who will defend our rights to own firearms for sporting, hunting, and self protection!

    Thanks to whoever shared this movie and STOP OBAMA IN ’08! VOTE MCCAIN/SARAH!

  18. Mrs Palin brings a positive to this other wise negative election.
    That’s why the liberals have their panties in such a wad. They thrive on negativity. Their whole message is how bad every thing is and what is wrong with this country.
    The change they want is liberal politics as usual . Trust me a new coat of paint on the outhouse wont change the smell.
    Palin is a positive change she’s fresh and most of us can identify with her. The potentates on both sides should take heed the peasants are raising up a commoner to lead them.
    They have grown tiered of the elite class of politicians who represent only themselves. There is not anything wrong with this country. It’s the leadership that is that is wrong. This election will decide whether the elites and the liberal media will once again choose our leadership or will we choose. Palin is our chance to change how our leadership is chosen. She represents the pioneering spirit that built this great country .

  19. My wife and daughter signed up for this D.O.W. program well before Sarah Palin was nominated. Although I am an avid skeet shooter, none of us have any hunting experience and were encouraged by a family friend to try it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work the D.O.W. does with these kids!! My daughter learned to shoot skeet before going hunting at the Golden Gun Club’s public range (which is located in Watkins, go figure :-). We took our hunter’s education class together. Last year she participated in a Ducks Unlimited guided youth hunt at Centennial Hunt Club. She got her limit in an hour. I wish everyone could see the smile on that girl’s face! Now my wife has decided to try it and so has my son.

    These outreach programs teach proper use of firearms, hunting regulations and how to be a safe hunter. They are not a substitute for the mandatory hunter safety class, but they are absolutely worth the time and effort. Thanks again to the D.O.W. and all the unpaid volunteers who give so graciously of their time to share the sport they love with us newbies!
    wife was afraid of guns and hunting until she saw the big broad smile my daughter returned from the special youth hunt

    my 16 year old has taken to the sport of waterfowl hunting! I

  20. Understand I only posted that video that comment isnt from me

  21. Palin is not ready for POTUS, but of course Obama is not either. Only McCain is. Easy choice, but not too happy about it.

    However, I’m not convinced that Palin has the management skills to defer to more experts within an administration. She tends more towards loyalty than expertise. If she can rise above the partisan style she has in Alaska, she could be POTUS but that is a big if this early and for 2012 or even beyond.

    However, she will be a good partner for McCain campaigning in the veep spot.

    McCain could not have taken initiative by picking any of the other veep choices. He made a gamble and so far it is working, but only because Obama has no experience.

    If the Dems had picked Hillary for president instead of Obama, I don’t think McCain could have cracked her lead.

    However, Dems seem to pick leftists for president since Bill Clinton left office.

  22. Gibson: “Have you ever met with a head of state?”

    Palin: (I wish she’d answered…) Gee Charlie, can you name how many heads of state GOVERNOR Mike Huckabee ever met with while governor? How about GOVERNOR Mitt Romney, or GOVERNOR Bill Clinton. How about SENATOR Barack Obama before 2 months ago? Ask them first, then come back and ask me. While we’re waiting though, how ’bout whipping out your list of Obama Questions when you interviewed him. How about this one “How does it feel to have broken a glass ceiling?”


  23. […] Revives Annie Oakley Moment This will put an additional twist in the Dems’ panties. Sarah Palin revives Annie Oakley Movement newsoftheday __________________ When socialists start debating with facts, maybe they might convince someone […]

  24. What a great day when people want to immitate a normal, decent person, instead of the someone from the narcisistic Hollywood crowd. You go, girls!!

  25. Vermont Gov Howard Dean, governor of a state with the second smallest, only above Wyoming, population cited his working with CANADA as his international experience. Well Sara has negotiated a pipeline deal with CANADA and Alaska has a larger population than Vermont. Yet nobody laughed at Howard Dean.

  26. RE:Hey crow, you do realize that Alaska’s population is almost as big as Delaware’s right? Delaware is where Biden calls home. So if your only qualification to be VP is a state with a large population, then I guess that would rule Biden out too, right?

    Think before you post

    Population of Delaware: 900,000
    Population of Alaska: 660,000

  27. 143 days as a School teacher wouldn’t qualify someone to be a school suprintendent. 143 days a a Senator didn’t qualify Obama to be President.

    Unless you are a racist.

    And Alaska is next to Russa AND Canada. Delaware and Illinois? Next to Virginia and Wisconsin, do they count as foreign?

  28. Tell me how the right to keep and bear arms is protected in Chicago.

    Naive? To think that the world is a dangerous place, and better pick someone to run the country who has flown a fighter, or fired a gun is a better bet than someone who made really nagging phone calls to the city council?

    Tell me: What important cases has lawyer Obama tried? What legislature has he written? What executive organization has he run?

    You must agree that is important, unless you are a racist.

  29. RE: “i think the right to choice is a little more at risk than the right to bear guns, but no one here is all too concerned about that. granted”

    Well, considering that only one of the rights you listed is actually specifically spelled out in the Bill of Rights, I’m sure you understand why the concern is where it is here. If you can find anywhere in the Constitution where “Right to Choice” is mentioned, then you may have a decent argument. Until that time, not so much with the “Choice” argument being on par with the 2nd Ammendment.

    Oh, and as to your point vis a vis how “likely it is that palin will have to step up to the plate before her term is over” — you may want to check with the Social Security actuarial: according to the Social Security Administration, a man aged 72 is currently expected to live to 84. (

    Enjoy the read!

  30. Obama & Biden should scare the crap out of anyone who owns a gun, or ever wants to.

    Despite Obama’s laughable pretense to “respect the Second Amendment” he never saw a gun or ammo ban he didn’t sign up for, including the Illinois effort to ban “assault weapon ammo,” which would have included virtually all pistol and rifle ammo since most are available in “assault weapons” — e.g., in weapons that will take high-capacity magazines. Bye-byr .45, 9mm, .38, .357, .22mag, .22 ….

    The man is a snake, and would gleefully ban all handguns — which is a program he has ALSO signed on to in his home state (unsuccessfully).

    This, coupled with his Marxist mentors and close friends, should give anyone who cares about our country great pause before they pull that lever for that empty suit.

    It isn’t really empty. And what’s inside is dangerous.

  31. […] The times they are a-changin’: Sarah Palin revives the Annie Oakley movement. […]

  32. BOW events have the absolute best instructors and are so empowering. I’m pleased that a sportswoman is in the news. It really helps women consider what we are capable of!

    Remember there are just as many people in Alaska as Delaware, Senator Biden’s state, and Palin is every bit as experienced as democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama.

    I think she rocks!

  33. I love how the libs say Sarah can’t be Vp cause Alaska has a small population. Well isn’t Biden just one of two senators from Delaware? Last time I checked Delaware had not much more people then Alaska.

  34. You guys/gals should watch this:

    It is eye opening!

  35. Maybe she will help make sure nobody WANTS to cross the border illegally, how many people have thought of that? Lol, that could be a lot of fun. I think it is amazing to see women in the outdoors to begin with, let alone be the next possible VP. People are right, she’s a lot like the woman next door to people like me.

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