Muslims whine about internet game

Honestly How many hours did they have to scan the internet and why wait till September 11th to bring this up ? I am honestly pissed off at this cheap stunt

If you change just the frotn text of this game you wouldnt even know iwho was doing the fighting. If muslims just generated 1/10 of this outrage on jihadi sites there would be less violence in the world

BTW I went to the site if you can find that game on there let me know


computer game in which a US soldier can be controlled to “wipe out the Muslim race” has been slammed by a British Muslim group.

Muslim Massacre, which can be downloaded for free on the web, allows the player to “ensure that no Muslim man or woman is left alive”.

“Don’t whinge about how offensive and ‘edgy’ this is” – Sigvatr

It was first released in January by its creator – a 22-year-old US-born freelance programmer known as Sigvatr, who is based in Brisbane, Australia – but has become more popular in recent days after being linked to by several prominent blogs.

On the website, the game declares: “The United States of America has declared war on Islam! Take control of the American Hero and wipe out the Muslim race with an arsenal of the world’s most destructive weapons.”

The gamer can direct the “American Hero”, who is armed with a machine gun and rocket launcher, through various levels after he is parachuted into the Middle East.

Arabs that appear on screen are killed and the player progresses to take on Osama bin Laden, the Prophet Muhammad and finally Allah.

On the website, Sigvatr describes the game as “fun and funny” and writes on the “How you can help” section: “Don’t whinge about how offensive and ‘edgy’ this is.”

The Ramadhan Foundation, a British Muslim youth organisation, said: “This game is glorifying the killing of Muslims in the Middle East and we urge ISP providers to take action to remove this site from their services as it incites violence towards Muslims and is trying to justify the killing of innocent Muslims.

“We have written to the British Government to urge an inquiry into this game and take action to shut down the site. This is not satire but a deliberate attempt to demonise Muslims.”

Mohammed Shafiq, the foundation’s chief executive, added: “Encouraging children and young people in a game to kill Muslims is unacceptable, tasteless and deeply offensive.

“There is an increase in violence in this country and some of it comes from video games. When kids spend six hours a day on violent games they are more likely to go outside and commit violence.

“If it was the other way around, with a game featuring Muslims killing Israelis or Americans, there would be uproar and rightly so.

“I would urge ISPs to take action against sites like this and there can be no justification for this sort of video game. I hope the person who made this game thinks again.”


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