Gov. Ed Rendell “The GOP is telling the BIG lie”


Gov. Ed Rendell Monday summed up Sen. John McCain’s campaign and the Republican National Convention last week with three words: “The Big Lie.”


Making his first remarks here since the GOP convention, Rendell convened a news conference Monday afternoon on the grass-and-concrete patio in front of Franklin & Marshall College’s Alumni Sports & Fitness Center, 24 hours before McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, were scheduled to appear for a rally.

Rendell, laughing during a lighthearted moment, called on the McCain campaign to suspend by Wednesday all ads he says are mischaracterizing Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama by indicating he plans to raise taxes on all Americans.

“What is going on is a deliberate campaign: I call it ‘The Big Lie,’ ” Rendell said. “Speaker after speaker after speaker created the impression in the American people’s minds that Barack Obama was going to raise their taxes. Television ad after television ad, you can’t hear a television ad without hearing Barack Obama’s going to raise taxes.”

Republicans immediately shot back Monday evening.

“I don’t hear many things he doesn’t want to raise taxes on,” said state Republican Party spokesman Michael Barley.

Rendell — surrounded by Lancaster city officials, including Mayor Rick Gray, local Obama supporters and former U.S. Sen. Harris Wofford — focused his attack on what he said are “lies” perpetuated by Republicans, including McCain and Palin, about Obama’s tax plans.

He even penned a letter that Abe Amoros, political and communications director for the state Democratic Party, will try to hand-deliver to McCain during the F&M event. The letter outlines Obama’s and McCain’s tax plans, then says: “I hope that you will stop misleading the American public about Barack Obama’s tax plan.”


2 Responses

  1. I thought the gov was a Hillary kind of guy?.
    Is he being strong armed now to be on the Obamination bus lest he get thrown under its wheels?

  2. Why is the Governor bothering. Obama can’t possibly pay for everything he wants with out raising taxes on everyone. He is going to look like a fool when Obama has to talk details.

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