Joe Biden and his old war injury

As seen in this previous story Joe biden used 5 deferments to get out of Military duty in Veitnam.

Later he claimed asthma to avoid military service all together. Even though he was a football player.

Now Joe can still play football without having an asthmatic attack. They dont show the “Long Bomb” he threw but can see he did have a football with him.

FOX Greenbay

Biden Shows Off His Throwing Arm in Titletown


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GREEN BAY (AP) – He’s not quite a replacement for Brett Favre, but Sen. Joe Biden showed off his throwing arm in Green Bay on Sunday night.

Biden had a football with him when he arrived in Packer Country for a Monday morning campaign stop in Green Bay.

He and Wisconsin state Sen. Dave Hansen played a game of catch at the Green Bay airport. Hansen says he went deep, Biden launched the ball, and Hansen put his hands out and caught it in the dark.

Hansen drew cheers when he told the story to about 500 people at the KI Convention Center before Biden spoke.

Green Bay is gearing up for Monday night, when the Packers host the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field in their first regular season game since trading Favre.


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  1. Yeah, and Cheney took FIVE deferments just because he was so special. Couldn’t get married and Lynn knocked up fast enough to avoid Vietnam. Let us not forget Rush Limbaugh who couldn’t serve because he had a cyst on his anus. So what’s your point? Want a long list of the Republican Chickenhawks who found “better things to do” than serve their country in time of war? How about those who used their political pull to get into National Guard units so they could avoid going to Vietnam? Like George W. Bush or Dan Quayle.
    Biden’s son it going to Iraq. Want to make a snarky comment about that? Guess it doesn’t count unless it’s a Republican’s child?

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