Only in Berkeley. “Air is arrested as trees come down”

Can read more about the Berkeley Tree sitters below

CBS5 San Francisco


3 Responses

  1. This coverage was amazingly unbiased. Given the nature of the local media, I had thought until fairly recently that the tree sitters were students. Another of her reports fairly recently included students starting the fall semester. Every one that she interviewed was disgusted with the protest, and resented the presence of outsiders disrupting the school.
    I figured the best route for getting these idiots down would be what they are doing, cut down any trees that are unoccupied. Then they should go to the rest of the trees and strip off a wide band of bark, killing the tree. Once the leaves start to fall off, they might begin to realize how completely they have lost.

  2. But he wasn’t a student. Boy, that hit a nerve.

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