Piper Palin = Paul Wolfowitz from Farenheit 9/11 ?

Moos is trying to be funny here but the joke falls really flat


4 Responses

  1. What a crock. But seeing as its from CNN would you expect anything less than setting their attack sights on a little girl? I guess Trig is next. Very sad!!!

  2. Soooo typical. These MSM clowns, and they are fully clowns now. Have not only demonstrated a lack of tact and unbiased compassion, they are clearly and completely dishonest.

    Shun their programs, Ignore them. Stop buying into their expertise. Demand the MSM stop fueling celebrity infotainment.

  3. Real classy and mature. It’s a shame the MSM can’t climb out of the sandbox and act like adults.

  4. What a whingy piece of dribble. Is this jealously? Why does the msm get their knickers in a twist at the sight of family members that actually love each other? How wonderful for the baby to be held by so many loving arms!

    If their last name were Kennedy, they’d be able to get away with murder, infidelity, rape, marriage to a terrorist…oh this list goes on and on. But an unwed pregnancy…well there’s something to harp on.

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