Video Joe Biden. “We will go After Bush Administration”

Found the video. Speech was in Florida on September 2nd 2008.

For balance. Biden stating that Saddam had WMDs


3 Responses

  1. How can anyone utter this balony and keep a straight face? No contempt? What a liar!

  2. […] William Amos rolls tape on Joe Biden’s latest pandering to the nutroots. Hmmm, I thought the tickets were supposed to move toward the middle in the general. Besides, if memory serves, Biden chose to place Bill Clinton above the law along with every other ‘Rat Senator back in 1999. […]

  3. The interesting part is “going through everything with a fine-tooth comb.” Tell me, which other President in history suffered a Congress proceeding in this fashion without a clear indication of criminal activity? Where on earth does Biden think Congress obtains the authority to go sifting through millions of Executive Branch documents LOOKING FOR some violation of the law? In what way does such a process represent the rule of law?

    This is a witch hunt, folks, and we need to being an appropriate rebellion to provide new guards for our future security if they continue it after the Bush administration has stepped down.

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