Rudy Guliani on Sarah on MSNBC. Your asking me about Sarah’s Experience why didnt you ask Obama about his ?


4 Responses

  1. Are these people drunk?

  2. Are they for real?
    Lets have a little Swedish lesson.. Cant be worst then this.
    Swedish blogger in feb.
    Before NObama. Before most of the rally. February!
    You just have to understand the headline, It says: A woman as John McCains VP
    The rest is an explanation in Swedish, why Sarah Palin, a mother of four children, hey this was in February. Anyway, why she would be a good choice, as a VP. I agreed then and I still do.
    Good work, Rudy.
    Exit question: Why do Biden seeks re-election to Senate while he runs for vice presidency?

    Leif from Sweden

  3. Obama: “Experience? I don`t need any stinking experience. I am the Chosen one. I stayed in a Holiday Inn once, that`s good enough. Now, go away and stop bothering me while I work on my 3rd memoir.”

  4. He should have mentioned how many interviews she went through with McCain’s people.

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