Obama “My campaign has more staff than that mayor of wasilly”


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  1. Obviously Obama is thinking of his friend name Willie perhaps he is from Wasilly.His geography needs a little brushing up and someone needs to clue him in that Alaska is part of the US. In area it’s the largest state in the U.S. and it would be nice that Obama could acknowledge that the state exists and that Palin is the governor of it and she is no longer the mayor of Wasilly,, oops I mean Wasilla.. see what you made me do Obama..

  2. Yes, I also thought that Alaska was one of our 57 states.:-)..I wonder how Obama whould react if we keep calling him Mr. Community Developer instead of Mr. Senator….I would not do that I would call him Senator.

  3. God Damn it woman don’t you know your suppose to be in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant instead of being the VP


  4. […] Do they worry about the price of arugula (a substitute for lettuce used in trendy restaurants) in “Wasilly” Alaska? Just […]

  5. Barack Obama, a stickler for pronunciation:

    In Obama’s view, pronouncing someone’s name or hometown correctly is a simple way of showing respect, they say. It’s a sort of baseline diplomacy. That’s particularly so in foreign relations, where aides say the president will privately practice pronouncing a leader’s name a number times before saying it publicly.

    It’s not just people’s names. Obama also often pronounces places in their local way.

    Take Pakistan — or PA-kih-ston, as the president says. Obama has pronounced Pakistan the way Pakistanis do for as long as he’s been in public life — a thoughtful consequence of him having Pakistani roommates in college that has its share of critics.

    The president affords the same effort to other important words in a culture. In the Muslim – or Moo-slim, as Obama says — world, he pronounces Taliban as Tal-e-bon, and Koran as Ku-ron.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0709/24466.html#ixzz0KEyiyQnh&C

    This mispronunciation of Wasilla must have been a deliberate slight, if the article is to be believed.

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