Mike Huckabee. “You know Sarah Palin got more votes as a mayor in Alaska than Joe Biden did for President

Is news coverage of Missouri rally. hope to find more video of it. Watch for the Huckabee comment


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  1. Hi, I also wish change, but real change . For once I hope to see in Washington
    a total rejection of earmarks as proof that people comes first and unnecessary savings should come before taxes. I wish to see in Washington people with character and honesty.
    I believe in deeds not words. I am for McCain Palin.
    I do not wish to see our country follow the far left ideals that has taken so many other countries into disaster.
    Look at Cuba they asked for change and they got Castro for some 50 years.
    His far left agenda has sunk Cuba in poverty and despair.

    I also wish to point out after hearing the democrats make so much fuss about Mc Cain’s age, that the great Chancellor of Germany
    Konrad Adenauer who led Germany from its darkest hour into the light, was elected when he was 73 years old.He was the main executive of Germany for many more years. Also Wiston Churchill, was elected the first time as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom when he was 66 years old, and then later on reelected again when he was 77 years old. We all know that Churchill led the UK to win the war against Hitler.

  2. Sorry, I meant that the Government should first of all stop unnecessary spending. First save then impose more taxes on us.
    On response to Mike Huckabee ‘s “Your know Sarah Palin got more votes as a mayor in Alaska than Joe Biden did for President” i agree 100% with the wise and pragmatic Governor and wish to add, what brings more experience in government the Mayor of a town, big or small, or a communty organizer?

  3. […] Mike Huckabee. “You know Sarah Palin got more votes as a mayor in Alaska than Joe Biden did f… Is news coverage of Missouri rally. hope to find more video of it. Watch for the Huckabee comment […]

  4. Am i in bizarro world i mean Huckabee saying something i agree with what’s next Barack obama admitting he is overrated?

  5. Wasilla has a population of about 7000 according to the Wasilla website. Jow Biden got 15,474 votes in the California primary alone. This does not include the other votes from other states. So even if EVERY man, woman, and CHILD voted for her Huckabee is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Why do they always have to lie. And Huckabee a pastor as well.

  6. You do realize he is joking right ?

  7. Joe Biden dropped out January 3, 2008 after coming in fifth place with a whopping 0.9% of the votes in Iowa. These are the facts.


  8. Okay, so that’s still 2352 votes for biden, totalling those up.

    Her re-election was won 909-292.

    Census for Wasilla in 2000 was 5469. 33% of that was under 18, so that leaves 3664 potential eligible voters at a maximum in the first term. You’d need a voter turnout of 64% with all of them voting for her over the incumbent to beat 2352 votes.

  9. Most of you are idiots. Look at Huckabee’s quote: “got more votes running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, than Joe Biden got running for president of the United States.” Last time I checked, Obama was running for president. It’s hilarious how many of the people on blogs and even journalists are posting the numbers that Palin received for her bid and what Biden received for his attempt at the NOMINATION. It doesn’t matter what numbers Biden posted for his bid at the presidential nomination. That’s not what Huckabee was stating. He was simply joking about the fact that Biden lost the nomination for president, therefore he has already lost the presidential bid, receiving 0 votes. Wow, take a joke.

  10. Oaklawn….thanks for keeping the dim bulbs in check.

    As I always say….so many idiots….so little time.

  11. Oaklawn, if you really think the “Palin got more votes…” statement made by Huckabee was a joke, then the joke is on you! Huckabee’s speech was carefully crafted to portray Obama and Biden weak and unaccomplished at the expense of the truth. Since Bush 1, the Republican presidential political machine has been repulsively vile. Reagan beat Carter because he had better ideas not because he was more negative. Bush Daddy and son have disgraced the Republican Party with lies, smears and diversions.

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