NY Fire Fighters deliver Twin Towers Cross to Shanksville

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Steel Cross Erected Near Flight 93 Site

SHANKSVILLE (KDKA) ― Hundreds of New York City firefighters, bearing a gift of remembrance for another place affected by the events of September 11th, made a special dedication ceremony today in Somerset County.

More than 400 firemen came thundering into Shanksville’s fire station to give a gift, and show September 11 solidarity.

They brought a piece of steel from the North Tower of the World Trade Center that is shaped like a cross.

This morning in front of that cross, firefighters read the names of those lost, when Flight 93 crashed, not far from the fire station.

New York City firefighter Dominic Esposito was on-hand.

He came for the family he lost in the towers.

“My brother, firefighter Frankie Esposito and cousin, Capt. Michael Esposito,” said Esposito.

For Esposito, this was not a ride, but a pilgrimage, to where other heroes fell.

“Oh, that’s sacred ground,” said Esposito. “That’s so sacred ground.”

“My brother was killed in the South Tower,” said New York Fireman John McAllese. “Had four kids, all under 5 years-old. I lost 8 guys in my fire house.”

For McAllese, the steel cross means his brother, Esposito’s brother’s spirits and all the others will forever be in Shanksville, as well.

“It brings a part of it together,” said McAllese. “All three, that day. It brings it all together. It’s special, being here.”

“With this memorial, here in Shanksville, every time we go to a call, there won’t be a time I don’t think of those people,” said Shanksville Fire Chief Terry Shaffer.

Retired New York City Firefighter Lt. Paddy Concannon was one of a few who decided Shanksville and its firefighters deserved this particular monument.

“It is a monument a testament that life goes on,” said Concannon. “We’re going to do our things as Americans, and we’re not going to be deterred.”

Construction of a permanent memorial to the heroes of Flight 93 will get underway soon.


No recreate 68

Criminals ?

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DNC Convention. Hippies, sweat and pink furry things

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Pelosi on Obama

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Pelosi redeploys over non threat

If she was never in danger why did they evac her ?

CBS 4 Denver

Man Arrested With Weapons At Pelosi Hotel

DENVER (AP) ― House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was briefly evacuated from her downtown Denver hotel on Saturday when a man carrying two hunting rifles and two pistols tried to check in to the hotel.

Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said 29-year-old Joseph Calanchini of Pinedale, Wyo., faces a charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon after police officers at the Sheraton hotel noticed him carrying a rifle-type case while checking in. Calanchini did not have a concealed weapons permit, said Lance Clem, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

Wiley said he didn’t know if the weapons were loaded.

Pelosi and other guests briefly evacuated the hotel but were never in danger, Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said.

Calanchini remained at Denver City Jail Sunday on $10,000 bond, said Denver Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Steckman.

Authorities said Calanchini was in town on business and had had the weapons worked upon, including mounting of site scopes, to prepare for an upcoming hunting trip.

“The speaker was never in any danger and she appreciates the quick and professional response of the police,” said Daly.

Ukraine ready to join NATO


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US Navy arrives in Georgia

Help for Georgia

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