Mo Gitmo for the Protestos


Officials Show Media Temporary Cells For DNC

DENVER (AP) ― Denver authorities are showing the media the makeshift holding cells they have set up in the event of mass arrests during the Democratic National Convention. CBS4 first reported on the center’s existence last week.

The cells are in an empty warehouse and were opened to reporters on Wednesday.

Suspects would be held there while waiting to be fingerprinted, issued a court date and released after posting bail.

City officials say they don’t expect mass arrests but have to be ready.

The ACLU in Colorado has raised questions about whether people held in the cells will have adequate access to bathrooms, running water and phones.

Protest groups have dubbed the center “Gitmo on the Platte,” referring to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay and Denver’s South Platte River.

Mayor’s Office News Release

Mayor John Hickenlooper’s office sent a news release to CBS4 and other media explaining the purpose of the holding facility. It says there will be a community outreach program this week to explain the facility’s function


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