Secret Israeli Missile test accidently broadcasted over live TV.

From the Russia english language channel. It links to an Israeli TV station that covers the event in Hebrew.



Israel’s secret missile test goes out live on air

An Israeli TV channel has found out that anyone who has a satellite dish can watch live transmissions of the country’s Defence Ministry. No special passwords are needed and transmissions can be easily accessed not only in Israel but all across the Middle East, including countries with which Israel hardly has warm relations.

It’s not known how many people witnessed Israel’s secret missile test. A transmission from a camera at the control was apparently meant to interact with other control sites but became available for all those who were lucky enough to tune in.

The footage clearly shows people, computers and other equipment. All conversation, including passwords to the computer of the Ministry of Defence, can be clearly heard.

At the time of the launch those that were tuned in could see the whole process from the start of the countdown to a monitor showing all the details of the secret weapon, including speed and geographical location.

It still not clear how or why the top secret information was leaked. The Defence Ministry has yet to comment.

To watch the programme from Israel’s 10th channel,  Channel 10


2 Responses

  1. Rather amazing that this happened and the video is still being shown. I’ve reposted with a link to your post. Thanks for finding this story.

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