DNC rounds up Homeless


Some Homeless Believe A Crackdown Is On For DNC

DENVER (CBS4) ― One week before the Democratic National Convention, CBS4 cameras were rolling as police moved in on a group of homeless people. Some of the homeless believe police are cracking down because of the convention.One of the areas homeless believe they are being targeted is Park Avenue West and Broadway. With two large homeless shelters, the area is sometimes considered the epicenter of the homeless community in Denver.A businessman came up to CBS4’s Rick Sallinger and suggested doing a story on how police are now cracking down on the homeless in the Park Avenue area. A minute later several squad cars drove up and began questioning people. One man was handcuffed, but later released.Denver has repeatedly stated it has no plans to hide the homeless.

“We have a lot of homeless people out here and where are they going to go?” said Don Young, who was questioned by police.

Young said he thinks he was questioned because of the upcoming convention. Denver police said it was just a routine operation after receiving two 911 calls about someone using crack cocaine. Some complain they have been harassed.

“What are they going to do; hide you, put you in jail until the convention is over?” Young said.

The city insists that is not the case at all.

Getting the homeless ready for the convention seems to be a multi-pronged approach. Free movie and museum passes are being handed out as well as mass transit tickets.

“Where are we going to hide our homeless during the convention? The short answer: We don’t hide the homeless — ever,” Denver police and homeless advocates said in Denver’s newspaper written by the homeless.

The city says it is encouraging the homeless to take part in the convention week activities for the public.


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