“We need a cleansing of Israel by the Palistinian State”

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad added in his press conference, “Zionists are neither Jews, nor Christians, nor Muslims, they are followers of no monotheist faith, they are merely members of a criminal party.”
President Ahmadinejad pointed out that Iran has proposed a humanitarian, democratic way to solve the Palestine problem, adding, “We proposed that a referendum needs to be held at the entire land of Palestine so that its whole residents, including the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims would be able to decide their own country’s fate.”
He added, “This proposal is made based on the Charter of the United Nations, the international laws, and the rules of democracy, but those that claim to be the standard bearers of democracy do not accept this solution.”
President Ahmadinejad said, “But I humbly tell you that the expiry date of that regime is over now, that it is segregated in the world, that the world nations and many governments are fed up with it, and that it is left alone even in its own region.”
Ahmadinejad pointed out that even the big governments, too, have come up with the conclusion that the expenses of keeping the Zionist regime are exceeding the amount of its incomes, which means the era of occupation is approaching its end.”
He reiterated, “The best thing to do for those that established this regime is to de-establish it and to clean the mess. They should permit the people of Palestine to choose a political system for themselves…”
According to IRNA, another reporter, Kamal Ahmad, from Turkey’s Wakit’ daily said, “At the beginning of the press conference you spoke of the hard times that the world nations are suffering from.

“As we see, the neo-colonialists are now oppressing the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other vast regions in the world. Those powers posses weapons of mass destruction and they commit all types of mischief against the mankind. The same posers have found fault with the nuclear program of Iran and are after imposing mounting pressure against you. How do you evaluate such double standards?”
Ahmadinejad confirmed the Turkish reporter’s comments, arguing, “They are opposed to the advancement of countries like Iran and Turkey. They wish us to remain dependent on big powers for good.

They are the enemies of our development programs, otherwise the nuclear program is nothing, but a pretext for them.”
He added, “Fifteen years ago when there was no sign of the nuclear program the United States unilaterally imposed sanctions against us, under such conditions that we had just got rid of the imposed war that the Western governments had intrigued against us and we were thinking about reconstruction.”
Stressing that they imposed sanctions against us without having any pretexts to do so, and repeating that the nuclear program is today merely a pretext, he said, “let me narrate a memory for you. Tow years ago we discussed the nuclear issue at the US Foreign Relations Council.

“The members of that council had a meeting with me. They asked many questions and I replied ot all of them. At the end one of them said: We confirm that what you are doing is legal and within your rights’ range. You have the right to be benefited from the nuclear energy and you have not breached any of your commitments, but there is a problem. If we would permit you to take advantage of the nuclear energy, tomorrow Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, too, would demand the same. What could we do with them then?!”
He said, “I told them what is wrong with that? If it is a right for entire nations, permit them to use it, and if it is not, do not use it yourselves either. Of course they had no convincing response.

Basically, they do not want to permit such countries as Turkey, Iran and egypt to become advanced countries.”
Ahmadinejad said that the IAEA has been established to pursue two objectives, namely disarmament of the countries that have atomic bombs, and assisting the ones that do not have access to the nuclear energy to posses it, but the big power have so far not permitted it achieve any of those objectives.

The Iranian president added, “They have not only not yield to getting disarmed from their horrendous nuclear weapons so far, but also manufactured the fifth generation of those deadly bombs on the one hand, and kept on creating obstacles in the way of the other countries that wish to have the nuclear power for peaceful purposes.”


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