Hugo Chavez. You know who started the War in Georgia ? It was George Bush !


Chavez Accuses the US of Direct Intervention in South Ossetia Conflict

Map of Georgia and South Ossetia

Mérida, August 15, 2008 (– On Thursday night, upon his arrival in Paraguay for the inauguration of the recently elected President Fernando Lugo, Hugo Chavez made a declaration in which he accused the United States government of intervening directly with Georgia in the conflict against South Ossetia.

South Ossetia is a part of Georgia, which is claiming and fighting for its independence. Georgia has recently been given permission to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and has a close relationship with the United States, including sending troops to Iraq. On August 7 Georgia launched aerial bombardment and ground attacks on South Ossetia, to which Russia responded by mobilizing its military into the area.

George Bush has demanded that Russia respect Georgia’s territorial integrity and withdraw the troops it sent there a week ago.

“I am almost certain that it was the president of the United States, the imperialist George Bush, who ordered the movement of the Georgian troops towards South Ossetia, killing innocent people, and with good reason Russia acted,” Chavez said.

He indicated that the US government is trying to fence in Russia, “Because this country rose up and now is a new world potential thanks to the work of ex-president Vladmir Putin.”

Chavez added that he hopes that “whoever wins the presidency in the U.S learns and reconsiders the legitimate sovereignty of countries and understands that in Latin America there is a revolution… a peaceful revolution because our people have discovered a fundamental weapon, which is the vote.”

The Venezuelan government, in an official statement, celebrated the steps in favor of the reestablishment of peace in South Ossetia.

“Venezuela has been following, with concern, the development of the conflict, and in particular the increase in unacceptable acts of violence perpetrated by the Georgian troops against the South Ossetian population. In this sense, Venezuela reiterates its rejection of all actions that violate human rights, especially the right to life.”

“The military offensive by Georgia in South Ossetia, without any valid reason, spread the calls to war in the Caucasus region. This conflict was planned, prepared and ordered by the government of the United States, which, far from promoting the reestablishment of peace in the area, went to work on encouraging the aggression of the Georgian government. The international community was, once more, witness to the reoccurring policy of destabilization and incitement to violence that North American imperialism is used to putting in practice in distinct regions of the world.”

“Likewise, the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela observed that the Russian Federation, protected by international agreements that legitimize the presence of its peace forces in South Ossetia, acted to preserve the life of the South Ossetian population…”

“Finally, the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, lover of peace and fervent defender of human rights, advocates that the given steps lead to lasting peace in South Ossetia and in the whole region of the Caucasus, and invites the European countries to not permit that external actors put the stability of the European continent and the peace of the world at risk.”


2 Responses

  1. “,,,,George Bush, who ordered the movement of the Georgian troops …”

    will this crazy man blame also blame Bush when Putin invades the Ukraine? when he invades Poland?
    Chavez is a lair and also needs to be stopped.

  2. There’s only one invader in the world these days and that is Bush and his merry men. It’s obvious that Georgia wouldn’t have picked a fight with Russia unless it had Big Bro Bushy behind them.
    Remember also Putin’s furious reaction towards Bush at the Olympics when the news first broke.
    Face the truth for once – its the US … again.

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