War in denver

CBS4 Denver

DNC Security Planners Prepare For The Worst

 Section: Democratic National Convention Section

DENVER (CBS4) ― With the Democratic National Convention less than two weeks away, CBS4 has learned some of what security planners are preparing for.

Multiple law enforcement sources talked to CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass about their contingency plans, provided they were not identified.

Planners have studied past protests from around the world and looked at tactics used by demonstrators in previous protests. They’re hoping that research will help them respond effectively to whatever might occur in Denver during convention week. The Secret Service has been sharing information with local security authorities.

One of the major concerns: protestors using cars to block roads and intersections, or setting fire to junk cars in an attempt to jam traffic, create bottlenecks and prevent delegates from getting where they need to go.

Maass was told police will be ready in the event demonstrators attempt to block the doors of downtown hotels where delegates and dignitaries will be staying.

While most of the concern revolves around the downtown area, security forces are also readying contingency plans in case anyone attempts to block access to or from Denver International Airport by parking or abandoning cars on Pena Blvd, the primary route in and out of the airport.

We’ve also learned about a thousand protective suits are being distributed to frontline officers who may be in direct contact with demonstrators. The suits are designed to protect officers from chemical or biological attack.

As one well-placed security official said, “For everything protestors in Denver might try, we’ll have a counterattack.”


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