Shooting on the US Mexican border sparks international Incident


Mexico Calls For Investigation Into Border Shooting

A Mexican diplomat is calling for an investigation into the shooting of a Mexican citizen by a Border Patrol agent.

That agent opened fire Tuesday night, after a group of men began throwing rocks at them. The agents used gas and pepper spray, but it didn’t stop the attacks. So, one agent fired his gun across the border and that has the Mexican government angry.

The diplomat says the incident “threatens bilateral cooperation.”

The Border Patrol has not responded to the comments.


2 Responses

  1. Oh! THEY want an investigation because one of THEIR citizens was killed?

    How about OUR investigation for all the American citizens who were killed and murdered by illegal aliens from Mexico!

    This hypocrisy from Mexico just burns my ass.

  2. The diplomat stamps his feet as he says How dare those gringos defend themselves from unwarranted attacks charge them with attempted murder and hang them…………………………STFU mexifool

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