IF Mohammed wont come to the 500 Pound bomb then the 500 pound bomb will come to Mohammed

Strategy Page

Dealing With Booby Traps From The Air

August 14, 2008: Al Qaeda has been trying a new tactic in Iraq and Afghanistan, which involves planting numerous roadside bombs and mines on the roads leading to a village they had been using as a base. The buildings in the village were filled with trip-wire activated bombs. The idea behind this is to slow down approaching troops, and cause some casualties to EOD (explosives ordnance disposal) technicians sent in to disarm all the bombs.

This hasn’t worked, because the Americans simply use artillery, tank fire or, most of the time, bombs, to tear up place, detonating or destroying all those explosive devices quickly. American troops then pass around the smoldering ruin, and continue their pursuit of the fleeing al Qaeda terrorists. These operations are one of the few where you will sometimes seeing U.S. aircraft dropping dumb bombs. The fire control systems on U.S. jets are good enough to hit village size targets without GPS guidance for the bomb.

This firepower tactic has been regularly used by U.S. troops for the last century. Fortunately, al Qaeda is not big on studying military history. They are on a Mission From God, and their victory is assured. 


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