John Murtha “I blame Georgia for attacking Russia”


Congressman Murtha: Georgians Made Mistake

CARROLL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) ― Congressman John Murtha of Johnstown visited the Mon Valley YMCA in Washington County today for a round table meeting on diabetes. But he took time to answer reporters questions about the bloodshed in Georgia where Russia invaded five days ago and there has been heavy fighting.

Murtha says he’s been following the situation closely. “It’s one of those things where we have very little leverage. We have no military leverage at all so it’s got to be international sanctions, international pressure. And I think it may be working at least it seems like the Russians have stopped their incursion. Now what will happen afterwards we’ll have to look at and see.”

While the White House and NATO allies figure out how to punish Russia for the invasion of the pro-western Georgia, Murtha says, the Georgians must realize that it was a tactical and political mistake to assume that the world community would come to their aid if they ever got into trouble with the Russians. “You have to be so careful what you say because then these countries misunderstand that you might come to help them. So we’ve got that problem right now in Georgia, they thought we’d come to help them and they thought that would insulate them. The administration tried to warn them ‘don’t get the Russian bear angry.’ The Georgians made a little bit of a mistake and they’re paying a heavy price.”


5 Responses

  1. Finally a U.S. politician that is not afraid to voice his own opinion without the NATO bias. Thank you for posting this video. You may also find my blog interesting to read. I have been analyzing the events in South Ossetia since day 1 of the conflict.

  2. True. Like poking a bee hive with a stick. Both sides have blood on their hands here.

  3. This Congessman is so wrong. Russia in no way was able to move a force that amounted to the size of 3 whole divisions that quickly with out already having this planned. This is the former KGB leaders way of trying to flex his muscle again. I understand Russia has been in a huge slump since the 90’s but this is in no way to get the worlds attention. Yes Georgia was moving it forces into combat to deal with the Northern trouble areas but it was still with in it’s own borders. Is the US going to invade Northern Mexico because Mexico is at war with some rouge cities?

  4. STFU and stop kissing putin’s feces encrusted ass Abscam

  5. I fear the whole Georgian invasion was planned by the Americans to have their missile deal signed with Poland. Now the Russians are left with little voice to counter the American move. The entire western media has so far done a good job in projecting Russia as the ‘bad guy ‘ as they always do.

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