CT Democratic Candidate for Congress “We all know Israel caused 9/11 to happen”

A real winner here with John Kerry. She is in a primary elect today in Connecticutt

Her Website

On Israel

The Neoconservatives are the right-wing faction of AIPAC,” said Whitnum  who blames the Iraq
war on the Neoconservatives.  “The Iraq War was an AIPAC war. There were never any weapons of mass
destruction. Now that AIPAC has cost us so dearly perhaps it’s time to make a healthy separation. I
blame our weak elected officials some who blindly supported AIPAC knowing full-well that this was a
contrived war. Himes proves that he is more of the same by taking one of the AIPAC propaganda trips.”
said Whitnum.
          Whitnum found Himes’ declaration this week that an “attack on Israel would result in sever
retaliation” to Iran outrageous.   
          “We are not even done with one AIPAC war and Himes is ready to commit us to another one.  Boy
that training by AIPAC must be really effective!”

Whitnum blames our media and the power of AIPAC for keeping Americans ignorant about what
is really happening. “Wealthy AIPAC members control many media outlets. The media in the US
perpetuates an antiquated 1950s view of Israel as a small-struggling democracy surrounded by powerful
Arab nations. Americans are too ignorant and lazy to spend the time to learn the truth. Israel, since the
Second Intifada which began eight years ago, has been the aggressor. Israel is the most powerful force in
the Middle East with enough nuclear weaponry to blow up Iran and all its neighbors 20 times over.”
           Whitnum referred to the Second Intifada as the fateful day in September 2000 when Ariel Sharon
walked into the Mosque of the Dome in Jerusalem, regarded as the most holy of mosques to Muslins, to
incite a riot that would lead to his election as prime minister, a plan that worked.
          “According to the CNN special, ‘God’s Warriors’ Ariel Sharon walked into the Vatican of mosques
and declared ‘I am a Jew I am here to pray’ for the sole purpose of inciting a riot. He did it to get himself
elected prime minister. His action marked the beginning of an eight year wave of violence. A wave of
violence that I believe contributed to our own 9-11 losses.”
          Whitnum feels that Sharon’s action not only shuffled in the Second Intifada, it so inflamed the
Islamists beyond Palestine that it lead to al-Qa’ida’s 9/11 criminal attack on the US.
            “Osama Bin Laden and the Hamburg 7 were very clear about why they blew up the World Trade
Center, they were angry about what they perceived to be injustice to the Palestinian people. In the 9-11
Commission Report they were already a concerned group of men hell-bent on killing us before they went
to Osama Bin Laden for an assignment. Osama Bin Laden was the funding, the ‘how’ so to speak. I’m
talking about eliminating the ‘why’ – eliminating the root cause of why young men hate us.”       


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  1. This woman is a typical Democrat.

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