BIll Richardson “Respect Mah Obama’s Authority/Judgement”



3 Responses

  1. Mr. Putin would do the same thing to Obama as the Ayatollah did to Jimmy Carter and that Nikita Kruschov did to John Kennedy; the Chicago race hustler would be eating alive and not even know it. Did you hear Senator Obama change his mind yesterday twice in the matter 5 minutes. First he said that both parties were to blame and then after talking to some one called Russia an aggressor. I don’t think Mr. Putin, a KGB General would be much impressed with Senator Obama but he might placate him by giving him a few million for his next reelection campaign and telling him what a smart guy he was; he would like the stroke I’m sure.

  2. Speaking as a resident of New Mexico I can confirm….Richardson is an idiot and a liar.

    Actually, he makes idiots look smart.

  3. Richardson don’t go away mad just go away

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