Governor Bill Richardson. “It’s Bush’s fault that Russia invade Georgia, Senator Obama would have gotten tough in the UN on Russia

Tough and the UN dont go together


2 Responses

  1. Yes, much like the UN got tough with Saddam, or the Sudan, or Iran, or even Somali warlords. Bill Richardson, and the DNC in general, are idiotic in their approach to the situations in the world.

  2. You would think that by now Richardson and crew would understand that the majority of Americans vie the UN for exactly what it is, weak, incompitent, highly corrupt and an absolute faliure in every single attempt at actually stopping another country from any form of aggresivness.

    We the people see the UN for what it is and are absolutley amazed and frightened that there are some who are in places of leadership that actually believe this old and worn out country club of tyrants is worth a damn other than mabey, mabey some half hearted efforts at dispensing aid after a natural disaster strikes but thats it.

    On the bright side, everytime a Democrat invokes the UN in time of any kind of semi serious crisis it also shows the glaring lack of fortitude and weakness in thier feeble words.

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