John McCain “Obama tried to make us lose in Iraq to further his own ambitions”

CBS 3 Philadelphia

McCain: Obama Put Personal Ambition Ahead Of Iraq

LAS VEGAS (AP) ― Republican John McCain on Saturday issued a scathing critique of Barack Obama’s judgment and readiness to be commander in chief, telling a veterans’ group his Democratic rival had tried to “legislate failure” in Iraq and placed his own ambition ahead of military success there.

Addressing the Disabled American Veterans convention here, McCain mocked what he called Obama’s varying positions on the Bush administration’s decision to send an additional 30,000 troops to Iraq last year. The GOP hopeful supported the so-called “surge” strategy, even as polls showed most voters opposed sending more troops into combat at the time.

Obama spoke out against the original invasion as an Illinois state senator and strongly opposed the subsequent troop increase in the U.S. Senate and on the campaign trail.

Since then, the surge has been credited with helping stabilize Iraq and reduce violence there. Obama has argued that it has not brought about the political reconciliation between rival Sunni and Shia factions needed to create lasting peace in the country.

But in a tacit acknowledgment that his original assessment of the troop increase may have proven incorrect, Obama’s campaign removed criticisms of the strategy from its Web site last month.


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