Hollywood liberals demand John Voight be blacklisted for free speech


6 Responses


    One can hope! Way to go Mr. Voight. (Did you know, he’s pro Israel, too?)

  2. Good for him standing up for his beliefs!

  3. Notice the difference in the depth of character between Voight and the liberal. I would imagine there is a correlation with the depths of one’s thinking process.

  4. Not only Hollywood, Vegas too. He is so jealous of his daughter and I think all those face lifts he has had, have lifted his brain to the otra lada. (the other side)
    He does not make sense and his dementia is showing.

  5. Good for Voight, I wish that more people spoke up. Funny how all the libral hollywood stars can say what they want, but one guy on the other side says something, and they want him blacklisted. Hmm.

  6. Funny how liberals make people think they believe in free speech. Liberals do not believe in liberty, John Voight has a right to say what he believes but the liberals only want free speech if you agree with them. People should be warned, liberals are Nazies, plan and simple

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