Companies must give shelter to illegals

Crazy laws

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12 Responses

  1. This is getting ridiculous. More wasted dollars out of our pocket.

    Do you know how much oil and energy we would save by deporting these illegals back to their own country? Would cut down on energy useage, traffic and pollution.

    These people are like leeches…and our corrupt “elected officials” who are in the pocket of the lobbyists are derelict in their duty and should be deported too…back under the rocks they slithered out from.

  2. God Bless you.
    Paul Tozer

  3. Shall we give them cars to get to Home Depot too? What next?

    These people are NUTS.

    Political Correctness is a mental disorder.

  4. We need to build deportation centers at the border port of entries to “shelter” these illegal foreign national in so as to contain them prior to shipping them home…

  5. In addition to border port of entry “shelters” we need to mine the border between these legal ports of entry so that foreign nationals can enter through the legal ports of entry or be eliminated from contention at their own initiative.

    laying down land mines would deter the drug smugglers as well as the terrorist groups and the MEXICAN ARMY from trampling our borders at will.

    it would also be cheaper than placing guards there.

  6. Oh! give me a home where I’m free to roam,
    Where everything is free, and the kids get the best schools and don’t have to pay a fee.

  7. Sounds like a great idea to me,but needs some extra amenties,such as bars on the windows and detainee holding and a fast trip out of town courtsey of Uncle Sam.We could name it after that Cockroach Mayor,ah yes,the Roach Motel,where the Roaches check in but they don’t check out.

  8. Mayor Gavin Newsome is a complete ass. He is sauch a perfect one he can’t get hemorroids, although he is one. Keep voting for Democrats and the illegals will be running this country!

  9. Hell why not!!! I mean we already provide them free medical, drivers licenses, schooling, shelters for living, free food at these shelters, AND we dont even make them pay taxes on that “day labor” income. Lets do it!! Maybe the government will get smart and make it law that the people using them as “day laborers” have to house them also and provide them with food and shelter while they are working for them. Where do I sign up?? Moving to another country is looking more and more appealing……..!

  10. Totally ridiculous. He made one good point. Our elected officials do not follow the law now so why not make another law to get them to do something even more outrageous. And if they don’t then we can sue them.

  11. OMG!!!!! You have to be kidding!!! Where does this guy get off even suggesting such a thing?!?!? Illegals should be deported – period – no exceptions.

  12. This is great! If this passes every illegal will be hanging around Home Depot collecting food and shelter. This would make it easy for the FEDS to corral them and send them back. I hope Home Depot expands there parking lots. Home Depot might need to expand even further to make room for all the street people and free loaders that are on this planet. Thanks Home Depot for picking up some of the slack from all us tax payers out here. That’s if state and local government realize what Home Depot is doing and soften the blow on our rising taxes.

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