Why was the Jewel of Medina censored ?

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Badly wounded soldier has money stolen


Donations For Wounded Afghan War Vet Stolen

FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP (KDKA) ― A local community has been chipping in to help a soldier wounded while serving in Afghanistan, but now they’re searching for a thief who stole their generous donations.

Kevin Kammerdiener, from Butler County, suffered brain injuries when his Army convoy was attacked outside Jalalabad.

A few days ago, someone broke into the Hometown Grill Café in Fairview Township and stole a can full of cash – about $200 – donated to help Kammerdiener’s family.

Matt Hillwig is a friend of Kammerdiener and wears a “Pray for Kevin” bracelet.

“Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they didn’t know what happened and just took the money,” he says, “but still, it’s just ridiculous.”

State Police are investigating the theft. Owners of the café say they’re going to put up the money that was stolen.

Duncan Hunter slams Bush for not securing border from Mexican incursions

Companies must give shelter to illegals

Crazy laws

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Post replay. When Edwards was asked about story and being VP for Obama

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Mexican drug gangs using US forest lands to grow drugs to sell.


Mexican cartels running pot farms in U.S. national forest

SEQUOIA NATIONAL FOREST, California (CNN) — Beyond the towering trees that have stood here for thousands of years, an intense drug war is being waged.

Illegal immigrants connected to Mexico’s drug cartels are growing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of marijuana in the heart of one of America’s national treasures, authorities say. It’s a booming business that, federal officials say, feeds Mexico’s most violent drug traffickers.

“These aren’t Cheech and Chong plants,” said John Walters, director of the National Drug Control Policy. “People who farm now are not doing this for laughs, despite the fact Hollywood still thinks that. They’re doing it to make a lot of money.”

Walters spoke from a “marijuana garden” tucked deep into the Sequoia National Forest, a two- to four-hour hike from the nearest road, far removed from the giant sequoias the region is best known for.

John edwards story

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