Democrats plan jail for Karl Rove ?


11 Responses

  1. Rove should be jailed. His activities were “un-American”. Outing an undercover CIA agent is nothing short of treason. And tampering with the Justice Department? If Democrats did those things, I would be outraged as well. Every American should be.

  2. Richard Armitage, a democrat, has confessed to outing the wanna-be celebrity Ms. Plame. Why is he not prosecuted when this was known from the beginning? The NYT outed the agent who interrogated Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

    Bruce, THAT is treason.

    Clinton dismissed EVERY single U.S. attorney in the Justice Department upon taking office. That charge against Rove is hypocrisy.

  3. Didn’t Ari Fleischer actually “out” Valerie Plame? Who wasn’t a covert agent at the time or for many years previous to her “outing”.

  4. Rove did not out the CIA agent. It was a Clinton appointee, Armitage. He admitted to it and said it was a slip of the tongue.

  5. Wasn’t it Richard Armitage who revvealed her name? I think it was. Let’s get your facts straight.

  6. hey bruce, your tinfoil hat is showing.

  7. Oh pleeze…………..Richard Armitage was the source of the so called “leak” on Plame. The Democrats would not even think of jailing Rove because discovery goes both ways. Imagine Joe Wilson having to admit he lied on who sent him to Niger WHILE UNDER OATH…….it isn’t going to happen. Bill Clinton in 1993 dismissed all sitting US attorneys upon his election as President and filled all the positions with his political appointees, guess what the attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President. Grow up and actually learn the facts before you show your partisanship

  8. Guys,

    When you have no F’n idea what is going on and certainly certainly no interest in actually knowing WHY it happens, ya’ gots to make SOMEBODY the boogie man and it’s easy to remember how to spell “Rove”.

    Certainly easier to keep track of “BUSH like he, so me HATE” than to remember who actually did what, when to whom.

  9. If they do put Rove in jail, you will livid Republicans with that look in there eyes “hell hath no fury” Go ahead make our day…

  10. These leftards are like zombies…they are non-people filled with mindless hatred and a desire to eat their enemy (Bush, Rove, anyone Conservative). They keep coming until the good guys are forced to stop them from bringing down the whole country and turning it into a dark anarchiical chaotic Mad Max world (with no fuel or anything else of value).

  11. I think Rove in jail = large donation to the RNC

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