Free Denver from the Democratic Party’s Occupation !


Safety Manager Al LaCabe said the law will be applied in situations when certain items are going to be used in a disruptive way. He said officers will consider the totality of the circumstances.

“Our intent for this bill is not about suppressing or chilling First Amendment rights,” he said.

The hearing got personal when Spagnuolo took aim at Councilman Doug Linkhart, who was quoted in the New York Post as saying that a source told him that he knew of a home being used to store urine. “The only feces that I’m concerned about is the (expletive) that comes out of his mouth,” Spagnuolo said.


3 Responses

  1. fruitcakes and losers

  2. I’ve heard that the military actually has a device that has been affectionately labeled the ‘Crap Cannon’ the National Guard is readying to use on protesters at the DNC in Denver.

    It essentially emits a specific sound wave in a frequency that causes anybody it is aimed at to lose control of their bowels.

    I live 10 hours from Denver, but will readily drive to see that, from a distance, of course.


  3. Save you gas, Jackson, it’s been busted. There is no such thing as a “brown note.”

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