75 House Members ask President Bush to pardon Compean and Ramos

From Politico Via CBS News
The Politico) A bipartisan congressional effort to persuade President Bush to free two border patrol agents has apparently slipped between the summer cracks. On July 31, 75 members of Congress, led by Democrat Bill Delahunt of Massachusetts and Republican Ted Poe of Texas, sent a letter to Bush asking that he commute the sentences of U.S. Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos.

The legal fate of Compean and Ramos has become a driving cause for a large segment of the right; the two were convicted of shooting an allegedly unarmed man they suspected to be an illegal immigrant and have been sentenced to more than ten years each. (The man survived.) Given the weight the issue carries with conservatives, the involvement of Delahunt is notable and could give Democrats cover to support a commutation of the sentences. Only a handful of other Democrats, however, have signed on to the letter.

US arrests Pakistan female sceintist for aiding AL Qaeda


Pakistani Scientist Accused of Aiding Al Qaeda

Published: August 5, 2008

WASHINGTON — An American-trained Pakistani neuroscientist was arrested last month in Afghanistan and has been charged with aiding Al Qaeda, American military and law enforcement officials said Monday.

The scientist, Aafia Siddiqui, who studied at Brandeis University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was being transferred to New York where she will face criminal charges stemming from her ties to senior Al Qaeda operatives now imprisoned at Guanatanmo Bay, Cuba, the officials said.

Ms. Siddiqui, 36, mysteriously disappeared with her three children while visiting her parents’ home in Karachi, Pakistan, in March 2003, about the same time the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that it wanted to question her.

Human rights group and a lawyer for Ms. Siddiqui, Elaine Whitfield Sharp, say they believe that Ms. Siddiqui has been secretly detained since 2003, for much of that time at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

“We believe Aafia has been in custody ever since she disappeared,” Ms. Sharp said in a telephone interview Monday, “and we’re not willing to believe that the discovery of Aafia in Afghanistan is coincidence.”

But American military and intelligence officials said that Ms. Siddiqui was in Pakistan for most of the past five years until she and her 12-year-old son were arrested in Ghazni, Afghanistan, on July 17. The American officials accused Ms Siddiqui trying to bomb the residence of Ghazni’s provincial governor.

“She was not in U.S. custody,” said a senior American intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the pending legal action against her.

The intelligence official said that Ms. Siddiqui was injured when an American soldier shot her while taking custody of her from Afghan police last month. Afghan officials initially said the shooting happened during an argument between the Americans and Afghans, but they later said Ms. Siddiqui lunged at one of the American soldiers, and he fired his rifle

War supporters versus anti War protestors

End Islamofacism

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Darkness decends over Iran

Report from the BBC

Kenyans charged with helping Al Qaeda

A news report from reuters

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RIMPAC 2008 underway

Can read about who is there


US Navy

  • USS Kitty Hawk CV 63
  • USS Lake Erie CG 70
  • USS Port Royal CG 73
  • USS Los Angeles SSN 688
  • USS Key West SSN 722
  • USS Santa Fe SSN 763
  • USS Bonhomme Richard LHD 6
  • USS Comstock LSD 45
  • USS Pinckney DDG 91
  • USS Chung-Hoon DDG 93
  • USS Paul Hamilton DDG 60
  • USS O’Kane DDG 77
  • USS Milius DDG 69
  • USS Reuben James FFG 57
  • USS Rodney M Davis FFG 61


  • JDS Makinami DD 112
  • JDS Haruna DDH 141
  • JDS Setogiri DD 156
  • JDS Kirishima DDG 174
  • JDS Narushio SS 595

US Coast Guard

  • USCGC Rush WHEC 723
  • USCGC Kiska WPB 1336

  • BAP Quiñones FM 58



Military Sealift Command

  • USNS Salvor T-ARS 52
  • SS Cape Gibson T-AK 5051
  • USNS Guadalupe T-AO 200
  • USNS Sumner T-AGS 61
  • USNS Able T-AGOS 20
  • USNS Sioux T-ATF 171
  • USNS Navajo T-ATF 169
  • USNS Yukon T-AO 202

  • Observers Only

  • HMAS Anzac FFH 150
  • HMAS Tobruk L 60
  • HMAS Success AOR 304
  • HMAS Waller SSG 75


  • RSS Steadfast 70


  • HMCS Ottawa FFH 341
  • HMCS Regina FFG 334

South Korea

  • KDS Moonmu Daewang DDG 976
  • KDS Yangmanchun DDH 973
  • KDS Lee Sunsin SSK 68


  • CNS Almirante Riveros FF 18
  • CNS O’Higgins SS 22

 Target Ships

  • Ex-USS David R Ray DD 971
  • Ex-USS Horne DLG/CG 30
  • Ex-USS Fletcher DD 992
  • Ex-USS Cushing DD 985

GOP stands firm on Congress holding Energy Hearings

Can read more about this at MICHELLE MALKIN’S SITE

Meanwhile MCCAIN challenges Congress to return