Murderer to face death on Tuesday



Victim’s father counts down days to Medellin’s execution

07:14 PM CDT on Saturday, August 2, 2008


Rosa Flores / 11 News

HOUSTON — One of Houston’s most notorious killers is set to die on Tuesday. And with just three days before gang-rapist Jose Medellin is scheduled to be executed, Adolfo Pena, the father of one his victims, says he’s counting down the days to justice.

Adolfo Pena says he moved from Houston to Hockley 9 years ago, not looking for clean air, but inner peace.

“For what they done to my daughter in Houston,” said Pena.

His daughter Elizabeth Pena and her friend Jennifer Ertman were gang-raped and murdered 15 years ago by Medellin and five other teenagers. 

“I think we’ve gone through about all the red tape we can go through, and I think it’s about time for these guys to be executed,” said Pena. “That’s the bottom line.  It’s time for them to die.”

Six men were convicted for the girls’ murders. Jose Medellin is up for execution on Tuesday after a last minute appeal to save him from the executioner’s needle was denied on August 1.


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