Oliver Stone’s Movie “W”

Color me unwhelmed


2 Responses

  1. O’Reilly Factor bombshell

    Dick Morris slips and states that the only way McCain can win is by scaring the electorate enough in order to demonize Obama!

    Get all the details of that conversation @


    How do you think the Obama campaign should respond, and do you think that this is truly the only way that McCain can win? Doesn’t the center have more options than Morris gives him credit for ?

  2. Oh, I think by not knowing any important history, having a minimal knowledge of economics, alienating the military, committing gaffe after gaffe, hemming and hawing over simple responses Ol’ Barry is doing a dandy job of scaring any part of the public with a brain.

    But then, he has the media ooing and ahhing over every misstep he takes and spinning it into gold, maybe Barry has nothing to worry about… except the job.

    Oliver Stone is a man obsessed with himself and the messaianic complex to save us from ourselves.

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