ACORN and their “housing” advice

I found this video of Acorn”working” can read more about it on Michelle Malkin’s site below

Michelle Malkin


Illegal Immigrant involved in 8 year old’s rape and attempted murder

Can read more about this story below

Florida Sun Sentinel

A man charged with kidnapping and raping an 8-year-old girl and then leaving her for dead in a Lake Worth trash bin may be faking his ability to comprehend court proceedings.

Milagro Cunningham, 20, is accused of abducting the girl from the home where they both lived in May 2005. He told police that after sexually assaulting the child, he choked her and threw her into a recycling container, tossing several large rocks on top of her before leaving the scene. Police found the girl about seven hours after the attack when they saw a child’s hand wiggling in the rubble.

Oliver Stone’s Movie “W”

Color me unwhelmed

Bush speaks out about Iraqi surge success

We are winning because Bush stayed the course

Bush visits woman on her 91st birthday

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Report from CNN

Jon Voight speaks out on politics

His remarks about democrats from a few days ago

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Fox News on Minuteman protests in San Franciso

Fox news interveiws Jim GIlchrist of the Minutemen about San Franciso’ Sanctuary policy
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